Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

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Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in The best Apps and Games - Daily Update

    Do you want to try a completely new keyboard-layout? If this is so, you must download this app! By combining all the usual lines on a keyboard only to one line you have much more space for the rest of the display! A very good auto correct is also on board! P.S.: The free-version is for 30 days free, with full functionality! Also optimized für tablets and Android Wear!

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Feb 1st 2014

    LexAurum: I've gone from Swiftkey to Kii, but I hated that the keyboard would take up almost half the screen. Decided to try out Minuum, and so far I'm loving it. It takes a while to get used to, but now I can pretty much mash on the screen.

  • Naiyer Asif

    Naiyer Asif

    Reviewed in The Vital Utilities

    Minuum is a next generation touch keyboard powered by a remarkable prediction technology and a decidedly unique interface. Works pretty well both on phones and tabs.

  • Rune Jensen

    Rune Jensen

    Reviewed in Exceptional and promising apps

    Very interesting new take on touch screen keyboards. It's fairly limited at the moment, but I am sure it will turn into something great during this year or the next. When buying this beta, you will automatically get the full version once it's ready.

  • Mohammad Barakat

    Mohammad Barakat

    Reviewed in Keyboards

    أحد اكثر لوحات الكتابة على اندرويد غرابة من حيث الفكرة العامة والتي ترتكز على تقليل مساحة اللوحة على الشاشة بشكل كبير لإستغلال الشاشة بصورة شبة كاملة مع الحافظ على الكتابة بدقة وسهولة أيضاً.

  • Mohanad Sinan

    Mohanad Sinan

    Reviewed in Great Apps

    You can download this from http://apkmania.co

  • KengWei Tey

    KengWei Tey

    Reviewed in My Useful Apps

    I'm once a loyal using of swiftkey. But recently start using Minuum. Love the minimum space used by this keyboard. It's not as accurate as swiftkey, but the trade off for more screen estate totally worth it!

  • Liza Shaw

    Liza Shaw

    Reviewed in Interesting paid apps

    This looks interesting, reviews are good and would save space on screen

  • Brandon Giesing

    Brandon Giesing

    Reviewed in Keyboards!

    Smashes the QWERTY down into one dimension or row. Uses muscle memory to type without looking.


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MINUUM™ - The smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It’s the little keyboard for big fingers!

*** One of the “12 best Android apps of 2014” - Karissa Bell, Mashable ***

Minuum is best known for:
★ SLOPPY TYPING — Type surprisingly fast and delightfully sloppy
★ SMART EMOJI — Always have the right emoticon right at your finger tips
★ SHAPESHIFTING — Save screen space, enable one-handed typing or reposition your keyboard entirely

Spend 15 seconds with the introductory tutorial and you'll be able to start typing with Minuum—instantly. The more you type, the better Minuum gets.

Download language modules and quickly switch between them. We currently support:
• English
• Spanish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Portuguese-BR
• Russian
• Dutch
• Swedish
• Czech
• Polish
• Portuguese-PT
• Turkish
• More coming soon!

Minuum is always finding ways for you to enjoy your screen space through brand new bonus panels:
★ CURSOR CONTROL — Tweak your texts, emails, and posts with ease
★ CLIPBOARD TOOLS — Quickly cut, copy and paste
★ SEARCH & SHARE — Instantly access thesaurus, dictionary, search, and share
★ EMOJI—Express yourself better with immediate access to all 856 emoticons
★ TYPING SPEED — Monitor your typing speed

Minuum is the ideal keyboard for the small screens of smart watches. To try Minuum on your smart watch, sign-up for our smart watch mailing list: http://minuum.com/watch

The Minuum keyboard for touchscreens is the first step toward a "type anywhere" future. Smart watches are just the beginning. Soon Minuum will let you type in ways you never imagined. For more information: http://www.minuum.com

Type fast without worrying about precision, thanks to ridiculously smart auto-correction that learns as you type. • MORE SCREEN SPACE
Recover more than half of the touchscreen space you lose when using traditional virtual keyboards.
Use key magnification for precise letter, number, and punctuation entry—very useful if you have large fingers.
Choose from alternate keyboard layouts—such as “QWERTZ,” “AZERTY,” “A-Z.”
Drag on the candidates bar to quickly switch between mini and full-size modes (useful for URLs and passwords).
Speed up your typing via suggestions from a predictive engine that learns from your word list, word combos, and language use patterns.
Swipe the word predictions left to find your Smart Emoji suggestions. Learn more about "the quest for the perfect emoji" here: http://goo.gl/sxQT9w
Minuum learns from your vocabulary, and lets you delete words from your dictionary though a pop-up display.
Slide your fingers to the corners for quick, convenient access to all your features via pop-up keys.
Enter text hands-free via Google Voice Typing for voice-to-text typing when performing other activities.
If you’ve got split-screen capability, multitask more effectively as a result of extra screen space.

Visit http://support.minuum.com to:
• Share ideas with the Minuum community
• Give product feedback
• Get help

The Minuum keyboard stores data about your typing tendencies on your device. We do not collect typing data remotely and will not do so without first asking you. Please see our privacy policy: http://www.minuum.com/data

Some people call us “Minum” or the “Minimum” keyboard but an easy way to remember the Whirlscape™ Minuum™ Keyboard is to think of a continuum of letters taking up minimal space.

For updates, join our mailing list at http://eepurl.com/zwd8T