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Have you ever wondered where you spend your time?

There are innumerable apps that suggest your actual position but only a few indicate where you have been and how much time you spent in each place: Timediary is the best app in this class.

• Timediary runs automatically in the background and records the time you spend in each place.
• You can display your time on the map by day, week, month and from-to.
• It's possible to insert labels for your places.
• Timediary creates automatically time sheets of your days.
• Privacy: Timediary saves your position only in your phone and a security code can be set to start the app.
• Your position is determined by Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks and/or GPS, with low impact on battery.
• Requirements: Wireless localization, packet data, Wi-Fi.

Please Note:
• The localization highly depends from the place where you are and the provider / device you have. • Activate 3/4G data communication and Wi-Fi. • If you do not get any localization turn off and on the device. • Only if you want higher localization accuracy outside the buildings choose GPS in settings. •

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