Whitepages Caller ID & Block

Whitepages Caller ID & Block

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Whitepages Caller ID & Block Reviews

  • Aimee Burnett
  • Paul


    Reviewed in BEST Apps...ALL Categories.

    For a long time I was a big fan of TrueCaller, which is a good caller ID asp itself, but then I discovered Current Caller ID. I found that Current Caller ID was able to identify a lot more unknown phone numbers than TrueCaller was able to recognize. Plus, it's free!

  • Debanka Chanda

    Debanka Chanda

    Reviewed in TT&T(Try,test and tell)

    I have also installed the latest version of truecaller along with it; but what's killing truecaller is those numerous ads,esp the full screen ones which pop up after you make 2-3 searches; and that's where this shines.I didn't find any ad yet.And it has an awesome graph feature summarizing your text and call msgs and finding top 3 person who texts you.I really wished it to have whatsapp integration.

  • Über-Productivity


    Reviewed in Über-Productivity

    Whitepages information, on the phone, within 2 seconds - If you're in the service industry, this app is invaluable. The call analytics that are included are worth it by themselves! :~$ :-) :~D


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Whitepages Caller ID is the best app for caller ID, call blocking and spam protection. With Whitepages Caller ID, you always know who’s calling and receive helpful alerts about spam and other unwanted callers. Plus, now you can control how you appear when you call someone by personalizing your caller identity. Share your current location or attach a photo when you call to enhance your communication.

Awards & Reviews

** Top 10 App - TIME Magazine
** Webby Award Nominee
** Android App of the Week – Gizmodo

"Whitepages’ Caller ID app is the future of smartphone calling" – VentureBeat
"Caller ID on steroids" - Huffington Post

Key Features

- Caller ID: Identify calls from unknown phone numbers before you answer or return the call.
- Text ID: Know who is texting you even if they are not in your contacts.
- Spam Protection: Avoid unwanted calls with Whitepages’ state of the art phone reputation service and spam detection.
- Call Blocking: Block unwanted calls for good. Send spam, scams, telemarketers and people you want to avoid straight to voicemail.
- Social Caller ID: See your contacts’ latest photos and details from Facebook and LinkedIn when they call you.
- Location & Photo Sharing: Attach your current location or a photo to your calls. Try it with friends to give them directions or tell them what you’re up to.
- Update Contacts: Automatically add names and addresses from Whitepages to your call history.

Whitepages Caller ID helps you:

- Identify incoming and outgoing numbers, including people, businesses and mobile phones.

- Protect yourself against phone scams with alerts on incoming and outgoing calls when call is suspected to be a fraud or scam. See who the true caller is for unsolicited calls.

- Block unwanted calls and texts so you control who gets through. Avoid telemarketers, spam, scammers, exes and unwanted people from your past. (Text blocking not available on Android 4.4/KitKat+)

- Share your calling and texting habits with friends. Send charts to friends and family showing them the best time to call or text you.

- See the latest photo, job and city information for friends and family from Facebook and LinkedIn.

- Keep your favorite people a tap away on your home screen with the Frequent Caller widget..

- Get the best data and coverage in the U.S. using the Whitepages database.

* Caller ID may be postcall on Verizon Wireless and Sprint.
(Formerly Whitepages Current Caller ID)