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Good Recipes allows you to collect recipes and view them in easy and convenient manner. This app is not a database of recipes, but rather a tool for creating your own recipe collection tested by you or your friends. All recipes are stored locally on your Android device, so an Internet connection is not required. Good Recipes App comes with several sample recipes which you can edit or delete. Good Recipes App is optimized for fast and smooth saving of recipes. An unfinished recipe is automatically saved as draft and restored later, so you don't need to worry about losing your work because of a wrong click. When entering directions separate steps by empty strings.

When viewed, your recipe is presented as "book" with separate pages for each step of directions navigated like pages on Android homescreen. Switch from ingredients page to last viewed directions page by tapping the recipe header. Select the recipe yield you need and ingredient amounts will be updated automatically. Choose the recipe image on the title page.

Good Recipes App keeps the history of last viewed recipes so you can access them from the main screen. And you can add home screen shortcuts for your favorite recipes.

Good Recipes App also converts measurement units. Just click an item from the ingredient list and select the units you need. Converted units are shown in a lighter color, so it's easy to revert to the original value. There is also stand-alone tool for converting arbitary units of measurement including weight-to-volume conversion that can be launched from the main app or separately.

Filter all recipes by course, main ingredient and cooking method, recipe and ingredient name. You can also filter recipes by any number of custom tags.

You can send your recipes to another device that has Good Recipes App installed. The receiver will be able to import this recipe into his database. To send a recipe check "importable data" in "share" dialog. *IMPORTANT* in Good Recipes App sharing is implemented using the standard Android mechanism - you will be prompted to choose how to send the data. Which options come up will depend on what applications are installed on your device. Not all options are suitable for data sharing: for example email and bluetooth are ok, but facebook is not. You can also share your recipes as text by any compatible means.

- Save your recipes easily and quickly
- Choose which images you want with each recipe
- When you cook the yield you need, ingredient amounts will update automatically
- Filter your recipes by course, main ingredient, cooking method or custom tags
- Search your recipes by title or ingredient
- Share your recipes (including images) with others by email, facebook etc.
- Send your recipes to another device that has Good Recipes App installed via email, bluetooth etc.
- Convert measurement units "in place" or using stand-alone tool
- Keep a history of last-viewed recipes
- Add home screen shortcuts for your favorite recipes

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