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BarCode Memory

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Have you ever bought a book you had already bought before?
Have you ever chosen a DVD you had once watched before in rental DVD store?
Have you ever given up to buy any peripherals, like inc cartridge of a printer, because you don't remember the model number of the product? Bar Code Memory is designed for those who would say Yes to the questions above.

Usage is very simple.
Just choose the mode and scan.

This app has 4 modes as follows:
- Record Mode: scan bar code and save it in your database.

- Check Mode: scan bar code and check whether it is in your database. If it hits, it can be said that you have scanned and saved the code before.

- Delete Mode: scan bar code and delete from your database. It can be used, for example, when you sell a part of your book collection, CDs, DVDs, and want to delete from your database.

- View Storage Mode: if you want to see your database, this mode can be used. Clicking an item will launch a dialog for editing the record. In this mode, LONG clicking an item will launch a dialog for tweeting and sharing the item with other applications. If you do not mind sharing the codes you scanned and saved in your database, please tweet from this application or send via other applications. Then, people who would scan the same code can refer what you kindly shared.

If you have any comment or request, please contact us.
Thank you.

[changes in version 2.2]
- Function to post to and get from shared database became supported.
- "Check this code at Amazon" button was added in "Check Mode" and "View Storage Mode".

[changes in version 2.1]
- "Send Via" function became supported.
In "View Storage Mode", long clicking an item invoke a dialog that has the "send via" button.
- Function to view what people tweet about a certain barcode became available.
In the same dialog having "Send Via" button, you can find the button to go to "" to view what others tweet about the barcode you have.

[changes in version 2.0]
- Editing items became available in "View Storage Mode".
- Function to post to Twitter was added. Please authorize this application beforehand in order to Tweet.