Bamboo Loop

Bamboo Loop

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    Dec 18, 2014


Bamboo Loop is a creative photo-sharing app that turns your photos into beautiful paper-like digital cards. You can browse through different photo filters, shapes and write or draw directly on top of photos with Wacom’s powerful inking tools. Share your creation on a variety of social media – or for a more personal touch, directly to a friend. DO MORE WITH YOUR PHOTOS
The simple, clean interface makes it easy to customize your photos and create beautiful and fun Loop cards. With Wacom’s unique inking technology, writing and drawing on top of photos feels fast and smooth. The zoom function let’s you add more detail.

When someone sends you a photo in Loop, you can reply by writing or scribbling on top of the photo and swipe it back – creating an endless loop of photos sent back and forth

With Bamboo Loop you can either share your moment with people close to you directly within the app or let a group of friends see your Loop card on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Browsing to relive that funny moment or see that beautiful card is made easy by flipping through a stack of cards. There is a stack for each of your friends, safely storing every card that you exchanged with that person.

Loop is finger-friendly but for more control and detail on your smartphone we recommend our Bamboo Stylus range.