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Ridiculous Fishing

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    Playboard Review

    Erez Zukerman

    An incredibly fun pixelated fish mayhem fest.

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  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    Ridiculous Fishing is a surprisingly addictive finishing game that is going to keep gamers entertained for a long long time. The gameplay is very fun, the graphics are excellent, and there is a TONNE of fun items to purchase. No IAPs either! This is a must buy!

  • Moktar


    Reviewed in The Moktar Game Vault

    Ridiculous Fishing es un juego de pesca con un estilo peculiar, además de eso bastante enganchante, tiene etapas, mejoras para tus armas, y demás. Vamos, vale la pena probarlo ;-)

  • Ionut Ivanciu

    Ionut Ivanciu

    Reviewed in Be Aware! Best Games on Android

    Great game design !! Let's go fishing..

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Humble Mobile Bundle 3 games

    A true-to-life fishing simulator with incredibly accurate physics and graphics. Okay, not really. This is one CRAZY fishing game. Great pixel art, and you get to shoot the fish once you take them out of the water. For nature lovers!

  • Niall Healy

    Niall Healy

    Reviewed in Fun & Functional

    Ridiculous fishing is exactly what it sounds like, it is a game which sees you avoid, catch and shoot fish each time you play a round. The app has a very unique design style to it and it is clear that a lot of time has gone into it, it is a very good game and has plenty of replay value due to the ability to upgrade weapons and hooks etc.

  • drepignaz


    Reviewed in Great apps I can't live without

    A ridiculous game that will make you play it more and more.

  • Aldrin Joseph Perez Jota
  • Volker Zerbe

    Volker Zerbe

    Reviewed in High Quality Mobile Experiences

    One of my most beloved mobile games. The concept includes 3 minigames: Avoiding fish while getting you hook as deep as you can, then collecting them all on your way back to the top and finally, launching them into the air and shooting the crap out of them. Combined with very cool stylized graphics and tons of unlockables it is my favourite time waster.


A handcrafted game about fishing with guns, chainsaws & toasters. *****Now with Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements!*****

Follow Billy as he tries to find redemption from his uncertain past. Chase your destiny on the high seas and embark on a heroic quest for glory and gills.

* Hours of gameplay across the continents including a never-ending Infinite arcade world.
* Dozens of unlockables, weapons and items including popular fishing gear like the Most Expensive Hairdryer In The World and A Bowling Ball.
* Fish that become hats.
* No IAP - buy the game, play the game. No additional costs, no hidden fees. Even the hats are IAP-free.
* Fish that become hats.

Based on Vlambeer's popular 2010 original, Ridiculous Fishing was lovingly handcrafted over the course of two years by Vlambeer (Super Crate Box), Zach Gage (Spelltower, Bit Pilot, Unify) and Greg Wohlwend (Hundreds, Solipskier, Gasketball).

Winner of a mobile Design Award in 2013; Nominated for the 2011 Independent Games Festival Awards; Declared Most Important News Story 2011 by industry magazine Control International; Featured in The New York Times.

"Ridiculous Fishing is such a complete package that it's an effortless recommendation." ~ Eli Hodapp (TouchArcade) - (5 / 5)

"Every aspect of the game, from the rewarding upgrade system to the unique graphics, displays an intricate craftsmanship we rarely see on [mobile]." ~ Chris Reed (Slide2Play) - (4 / 4)

"Vlambeer's game is, as its title suggests, ridiculous. In its simple, gleeful rhythms of play, it's sublime, too." ~ EDGE - (9 / 10)

"One of the most mechanically satisfying experiences you'll ever find, and wrapped in a dazzlingly cool aesthetic." ~ Eli Cymet (Gamezebo) - (5 / 5)

"It makes the mass destruction of innocent sea life absolutely adorable." ~ Andrew Webster (The Verge)

"I've come to think of Ridiculous Fishing as the unofficial game of Wes Anderson's movie The Life Aquatic." ~ Rob Hearn (PocketGamer)

"Ridiculous Fishing is from an alternate [mobile] gaming universe where Nintendo is the production quality standard and action is everything." ~ Robert Ashley (A Life Well Wasted)

"A rare pearl amidst the endless sardines of [mobile] games." ~ Chris Bateman (International Hobo)

"I'm hooked up to an IV and playing Ridiculous Fishing. One is medicine, the other is a painkiller." ~ Ben Kuchera (PA Report)

"Ridiculous Fishing is something very special." ~ exp. Magazine

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** - If you are only seeing a black screen when running the game, please enable Developer Options under Settings and then make sure the "Disable HW overlays" option is selected (i.e. there's a checkmark in the box). Then try running the game again. If that doesn't help, please email us!

Also, Android tablets with a width of <640 pixels are not supported, including the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.