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GPS Direction is a GPS based compass application in which you can set target location whatever you want. Our compass will show the direction and the route on google maps to your target location. It will make your travel easy! Its free only!!. Just download it!!! GOOGLE MAPS + GPS COMPASS = GPS DIRECTION

Now a days you need to travel daily. Global Positioning System(GPS) also become essential in our daily life. It is is a space-based satellite navigation system that helps you in getting location about location anywhere on the world in all weather conditions. Even though GPS provides location information, we need to know routes and directions to reach unknown places. If we don't know how to go while travelling, it would be very difficult and frustrating to face that situation. You might also have faced this type of situation in your life. Don't worry! Our application gives you both route, distance and direction informations for any location on the earth which makes your travel easy. Additionally you can view the travelling speed, altitude, route informations, travel distance and earth directions. Why don't you get this featured app at free of cost? Get it now itself.

✓ More features(accurate gps location, travelling speed, altitude, route and directions info, etc.,) in a single application
✓ Showing direction to the target location unless other compass applications
✓ Providing accurate gps location and speed
✓ Very simple and easy to use
✓ Completely free app

Usability: Simple and easy to use.
Navigatation: Get GPS direction using our compass for wherever you want to go.
GPS Acuracy: Gives you very accurate GPS location.
Route: Shows correct route on the map to your target location which makes your travel easy with the help of our GPS compass.
GPS Distance: Gives you very accurate distance to the target location from your current location
Driving Speed: You can get very accurate speed in digital format.
User feedback: Got very good ratings and reviews from our users.

* Add locations by making long press on 'maps' page.
* Make active any of the target locations(to which you need direction) on the 'locations' page or using map marker.
Thats all! Our compass will show the direction to the target location which you set. Its very simple!! Just try it!!!!

You can easily find the way or route to your target location which you set on google maps. The route will be shown on the google maps with the distance to that place. You can navigate through that.

Check this youtube video link for instructions:

Visit our facebook page :

This app supports - showing accurate gps location, speed, altitude, search location, showing route to the destination place, accurate distance, etc.

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