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Vire Launcher Reviews

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Launcher (homescreen-replacements)

    Missing options but offers the only gyro-effect to make it look 3d. Icon treatment is nice. Nice clock shortcut... Try it.

  • Adam Tomkins

    Adam Tomkins

    Reviewed in Anything awesome

    This launcher brings some unique features to the table compared to other 3rd party launchers. It has some highlight features such as using the accelerometer in its custom widgets to give a reflective effect which looks really nice on your home screen. It covers the same basic customisation features as most other launchers out there. Worth a try if you are into launchers.


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Vire Launcher quickly improves your smartphone experiences.
Vire Launcher let’s you get personal! This fast, fluid and power friendly custom home screen makes low-end Android phones feel like high-end and adds realistic 3D effects into all devices.

3D clock styles:

Easily change your style! 3D clock panel with 3 distinct styles with configurable color.

Dynamic grid and scale:

Customizable grid size on homescreen, dock and drawer (up to 9x9 icons). Customize icon text size, or hide it for maximal style. Scale icons up to full screen size for simple look.

Theme creation:

Pick the one our artists have created just for you, or use multiple icon- and background effects to create your own themes.

Ultimate folders:

Not just a folder, but also a true window on your desktop. Supports widgets, icons, applets and folders. Use this as a mini desktop inside your desktop, or for example widget preview as it’s a live window.

Advanced resize:

You can use resize not only to widgets, but also to icons. This combined with the Vire picture frame allows you to customize and build desktops never been possible before.

Per element settings:

Personalize your screens using per element configuration enabling you to create beautiful and personalized experience.

This is a beginning of how our technology changes the barriers of icon-based thinking. We can combine any 3D object and UI element together and freely place them using innovations such as Vire physics/FX/layout engines, software MRT and Virtual Window Manager. Our UI engine is designed from ground up for multi-core support and load-balancing. As it includes tomorrows atomic object architecture and design, it is fully packed to be future-proof.

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