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Skip the gimmicks, secure your Android device and protect your personal information. viaProtect is a comprehensive mobile security app, from the security experts at viaForensics, that monitors the device SCAN (System, Configuration, Apps, Network) to:
- Show your device’s Security Score so you know how secure your device is
- Notify you of security events that affect your device (e.g. insecure OS, insecure Apps)
- Discover where and how securely your data is being sent
- Identify risky device modifications including root detection

Login to to:
- Monitor the aggregate Security Score for all of your devices
- Locate your device on a map
- Manage up to five devices (iOS or Android) from one account
- Configure data collection settings

Why viaProtect?
Leaky and insecure apps pose substantial risks to personal data on mobile devices. These apps expose your sensitive information to would-be thieves. The harsh consequences can include identity theft, financial theft and loss of privacy.

How it works:
viaProtect researchers analyze lots of apps, devices, and network metadata, and utilize statistical analysis and risk indicators to detect suspicious events or behaviors. This means that your security can be monitored in real-time to help prevent malicious activity and predict potential risks or problems.

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