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NowSecure: Mobile security, privacy and protection for your Android smartphone and tablet Formerly viaProtect - new name, same great security!

The free NowSecure mobile security and privacy app is the best way to protect your Android phone or tablet from invasive, unsecured apps. Join the thousands of users already being protected and download for free today!

PCMag Editors Choice - "[viaProtect for Android] provides good advice for securing your phone."

Information Week - "7 Android Apps We Love For Work"

PCMag 100 Best Android Apps of 2014 - "[viaProtect] is a provocative look at what your apps do behind your back."

PCMag 100 Best Android Apps of 2015 - "Formerly called ViaProtect, NewSecure has a great new interface and the same great tools."

Android Headlines: "viaProtect comes to the rescue – it monitors all apps for mobile leaks.”

What it does:
The NowSecure free mobile security app monitors your Android device's system, configuration, apps, and network for security vulnerabilities and notifies you if it discovers any risks that threaten your device.


• Device risk score: Find out your device's overall risk with the NowSecure risk score
• Security Feed: View risks and security vulnerabilities affecting your device directly in the app
• Security Notifications: Receive notifications about risks and security vulnerabilities affecting your device when they occur
• Security Recommendations: Actionable steps you can take to better secure your Android smartphone and tablet
• Locate your data: Learn where your data is going, including separate country and company views
• Secure your data: Discover which apps are sending your data insecurely using NowSecure's "Data Security" feature

Enterprise edition available to help protect your business and its data! Visit us online for more information:

Note: NowSecure requires a number of permissions to provide phone locating, app vulnerability information, and more. Read about the permissions we request here:

Have a question? View our FAQs: or contact us: support[at]

About NowSecure:
NowSecure’s solutions are based on cutting-edge research and provide unparalleled insight into who is accessing your data, how it is being communicated, and the actions needed to reduce your risks and prevent your private information from leaking.

NowSecure’s technology is trusted by top financial institutions and other enterprises as their choice for mobile security and protection.

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People sometimes hear us called Now Secure, viaProtect, via Protect, or viaForensics. That's fine as long as they hear of us!