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Sleep as Android Reviews

  • Marina Reinoso

    Marina Reinoso

    Reviewed in MBR Apps imprescindibles y súper customizables

    Alarma pensada para que levantarse sea placentero. Tiene diferentes modos de apagar la alarma, para asegurarte de que realmente estás despierto. Monitoreo del sueño y "canción de cuna" con sonidos súper relajantes como "Arroyo de montaña".

  • Mousa Walid Salih

    Mousa Walid Salih

    Reviewed in the best apps ever !!!

    good app to wake you up after sleeping so you don't miss work or school.

  • MakeUseOf


    Reviewed in The 100 Best Android Apps

    An alarm clock that uses motion sensing to monitor the quality of your sleep.

  • PSarge


    Reviewed in Health & Fitness

    A more comprehensive sleep tracker, though to get all the bells and whistles that this app offers you will have to pay, that's not to say that the app is not worth it, it just depends on what you are looking for. 2 week full features trial on install

  • Alejandro Casteleiro

    Alejandro Casteleiro

    Reviewed in Apps for #Entrepreneurs

    Getting good sleep is esential for entrepreneurs. No one said your sleep has to be done at night but your body needs your 8 hours of sleep. With this app you will be able to track your sleep, record the noises you make and wake up at the optimum time depending of your sleeping cycles. Includes a setting for perfect powernaps.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Jan 4th 2014

    extraneouspanthers: I use sleep as Android - its ugly as hell but it definitely gets the job done. Its very feature rich, I can't comment on the accuracy of the sleep charts - I honestly think the whole idea of doing it by phone is a bit iffy; its a great alarm clock though with good captchas

  • Cecilia W.

    Cecilia W.

    Reviewed in *Android Must-have*

    This app tracks your sleep and wakes you up at the most appropriate time according to your sleep cycle. The sleep graph is an interesting concept, letting you know the proportion of deep sleep.

  • Varna Sri Raman

    Varna Sri Raman

    Reviewed in Google Nexus Picks

    Sleep tracker, does much much more than you'd expect. Try it.


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Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. NEW: Talk on Sleep as Android by the great guys from Android App Addict

- Pebble smart watch wrist-tracking, Android Wear and Galaxy Gear 2 coming soon
- Philips HUE smartlight integration
- Sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up (2 weeks trial)
- Sleep graph history
- Sleep deficit, deep sleep and snoring statistics
- Social sharing (FaceBook, Twitter)
- Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm...)
- Alarm music playlists
- Nature sound lullabies with binaural tones for fast fall asleep
- Never oversleep again with CAPTCHA wake up verification (Math, Sheep counting, Phone shaking, Bathroom QR code or NFC tag)
- Sleep talk recording, snoring detection and anti-snoring
More features waiting for you to explore!

Keywords: alarm, alarm clock, sleep, snoring, tracking, lullaby, actigraphy, wake up, smart watch, Pebble, binaural beats

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