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Talking Ringtone Maker lets you create new and personalized ringtones that talk. Just type in any phrase to hear it spoken as your notification sound or phone ringtone. Know if it's an important call or notification, without even looking at your mobile phone. Formerly “Type Your Ringtone”.
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Talking Ringtone Maker uses powerful text-to-speech technology to turn anything you type into a talking ringtone with a human sounding voice. Make a new ringtone that says “Someone is calling” in a sophisticated british accent. Or maybe a notification sound saying “New message!” when you get a new Whatsapp message. You can choose from a variety of voices/languages, and even change the speed and pitch of the voice to your liking.
The possibilities are endless, make your own talking ringtones today!

It’s a ringtone maker that helps you personalize your phone or mobile device with smarter custom notification sounds.

• Set notification sounds for a specific app - Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. (Android 4.3 or higher required)
• Set notification sounds for a specific contact - Text messages, Google Hangouts, etc. (Android 4.4 or higher required)
• Set your phone ringtones for a specific contact
• Set as a new ringtone or notification sound
• Control both speed and pitch of the talking ringtones
• The only notification and phone ringtone maker using powerful text-to-speech engines for speech synthesis
• Choose from a variety of talking voices
• See all the custom sounds that you've created
• Easily play, edit or delete your custom sounds. Or, set them as your new ringtone or notification sound
• Easy to use with an intuitive interface
• No ads
• No limit to the number of new ringtones you can create

Talking Ringtone Maker is the latest in caller ID and the only type and speak ringtone creator.
It’s the next best thing to Jarvis.

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