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Circle Synth is a grid-less sequencer synthesizer that makes quick and quirky musical sounds. Draw shapes, choose presets, apply effects and create one bar compositions worth sharing! Features:

* 12 different scales
* 10 presets
* Choose from 4 assignable FX for each circle or node
* Controllable BPM
* Accelerometer controlled filter sweep
* Record your sketches and even set them as ringtones!
* Save and share your musical sketches

Let us know what you think and we'll do our best to include your feedback in our next update. Email us: or tweet: @TwoBig_Ears

Permissions used:

* Phone Status: To pause and resume Circle Synth if you receive a phone call
* USB Storage: To save presets and recordings
* Network Access: Google services
* System Settings: To set recordings as ringtones

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