Major Mayhem

Major Mayhem

(341139 ratings)

Appears in 25 channels

  • Downloads:
    5,000,000 - 10,000,000
  • Last update
    Aug 25, 2014

Major Mayhem Reviews

  • Kevin leo

    Kevin leo

    Reviewed in Random useful apps and unique games

    Great games for anyone want a simple but attractive games

  • Vlad Melonari

    Vlad Melonari

    Reviewed in must played games

    Awesome Game!! No Joke! Really Cool! Look at the rating stars. Everyone loves this game. I unlocked everything and reached all the achievements in this game. I played it in my free time, like a real junkie gamer :)

  • Jordan Bailey

    Jordan Bailey

    Reviewed in Tablet Glory - Games

    A simply yet rewarding game that you should not miss. The cute graphics combined with some kick a$$ weapons make for a good time.

  • Suchetan S M

    Suchetan S M

    Reviewed in The Rare & Unseen Apps & Games

    DESCRIPTION: Fun n graphics come in a package. Lovely graphics. Loads of weapons n cloths. Ull kiss it. DRAWBACKS: Short story mode. Becomes a bit boaring. No other glitches.

  • Jerome Smith

    Jerome Smith

    Reviewed in Simply the best: Games

    Free and fun. Designed for touch screens. This is how it's done. Please bring us a part two.

  • Androidgamecheck


    Reviewed in Androidgameckeck

    Here's a first class Action-Arcadefun for the freetime between. In it's principle it's similar to Temple Run and the others: +Entertaining principle +smooth, arcady Gameplay +Beautiful Cartoon Graphics +Parodistic and humoristic

  • Matúš Kapusta

    Matúš Kapusta

    Reviewed in My Favourite Games of All Times

    A funny shooting game with great graphics and gameplay.