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Sygic Travel: Trip Planner

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    Planning a trip, find all the best places to visit while you're there and make a journal of where you went


Sygic Travel: Travel Guide is your personal trip planner. Discover places to visit, plan your travel itinerary, and enjoy your trip, even offline. Sygic Travel will show you where the tourist attractions and other useful places are located and navigate you to them even offline, so that you will never get lost. If you need to change your plans on the spot, this trip planner can recommend what to do near your location. Fodor’s travel guides are included in the app for popular cities such as London, NYC, Barcelona, and Paris (with Sygic Travel Premium). No matter where you are going, Sygic Travel: Travel Guide will help you make an awesome travel itinerary and enjoy your travels.

Sygic Travel is an award-winning travel planning platform featured by Apple, BBC, The Next Web, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Product Hunt, and many others.

• Incredibly easy travel planning
• Information about all the important sights in a city (opening times, admissions)
• Fodor’s travel guides for popular destinations*
• Worldwide vector-based offline maps
• Offline walking navigation
• Opening hours and contact information for attractions and sights
• Time & distance estimates for route optimization
• Filters to find the places that you are really interested in
• Clear overviews for each day in your travel plan
• Weather forecasts
• Template travel itineraries to get you started
• Possibility to download and print out your personal travel guide in PDF (on the web)
• Sync your travel itinerary across all your devices
• Share your trips with friends and work on them together

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* Fodor’s travel guides are available for the following destinations:
London, Paris, Rome, New York City, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Venice, Vienna, Florence, Hong Kong, Washington D.C., Budapest, Milan, Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dubai, and Bangkok.