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IMPORTANT: THIS APP REQUIRES THE TRIGGERTRAP MOBILE DONGLE, WHICH IS AVAILABLE SEPARATELY. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS. Trigger your DSLR camera* from your Android device, using one of our 13 exciting triggering modes!

Combining the capabilities of several expensive camera accessories into a single, super-affordable, ridiculously attractive, and pocket-sized package, Triggertrap Mobile’s 13 triggering modes make advanced photographic techniques available to everyone - even photographic novices.

And now our app has been rebuilt from the ground up for version 2.0: bringing Android users even more speed, even more power - and looks that are slicker and prettier than ever.

The new interface has been flattened, redrawn and simplified, making it easier and faster to switch between triggering modes - meaning no more missing great photographic opportunities due to time spent messing around with fiddly dials. It also squashes some bugs that occasionally troubled previous versions of the app while implementing more user-requested features than you could shake a lens cap at (if you were so inclined).

Triggertrap Mobile is now native to Android, meaning that the app can run in the background even when the phone is locked, drastically reducing battery consumption and allowing hours and hours of joyful camera triggering goodness.

Triggering modes include:

• Cable Release - Press the big red button to take a photo!
• Long Exposures (all the way up to 24 hours!)
• Bang - Sound triggering mode (clap/click/honk like a goose to take a photo!)
• Timelapse
• TimeWarp (timelapses with acceleration!)
• DistanceLapse (e.g. take a photo every 30m - great for road trips!)**
• Long-Exposure HDR***
• Long-Exposure HDR Timelapse
• Star Trail mode
• Bulb Ramping Timelapse mode
• Wi-Fi Master (trigger using a slave device over Wi-Fi)

Of course, all our modes are fully configurable, to enable you to go triggering crazy with your camera in any way you like!

*) To connect your Android device to a DSLR camera, you will need to buy a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle Kit separately. See the Triggertrap website for a list of supported cameras, and for more information. More than 300 camera models are supported.
**) Requires GPS support.
***) Our Long Exposure HDR (LE-HDR) mode supports shutter speeds from several hours down to 1/20th second, and can do up to 19 bracketed shots with 1/3, 1/2, 1 or 2 EV steps.

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