Sticky Notes HD Tablet Widget.

Sticky Notes HD Tablet Widget.

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    Apr 26, 2013


Sticky Notes HD is a widget designed for tablets that gives you a fast way to write and organize “post-it like” reminders on your home screen. Because it was designed specifically for Honeycomb tablets (version 3.1 or later), it uses the full features of Android widgets so the reminders are stacked on top of each other. The stack automatically rotates to display the next one on top, and so on... If you want, you can manually rotate your reminders just by a simple up/down gesture. And because tablets are larger than phones, you write your reminders by using your finger which is a fast and natural way to write on a tablet.

You can create as many reminders as you want. You can resize the stack to accommodate your needs. You can even have more than one stack on your home screen. Just take a look at the video below to really understand how Sticky Notes HD can help you to personalize your tablet home screen.

NOTE-1: This is the free version so it contains ads. Some features like the UNDO or the BACKGROUND COLOR selection are only included in the paid version. Don't hesitate to contact our company if you have anay questions or requests.

NOTE-2: The Android Market is buggy sometimes. If you don't see the widget after install, just reboot your tablet and you'll see it. We are sorry about this but we don't have control over the Android Market app.