SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

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    10,000,000 - 50,000,000
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    Aug 27, 2015

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji Reviews

  • Jamie Davies

    Jamie Davies

    Reviewed in Long Lasting Apps & Games

    The fastest, most accurate predictive keyboard available. Now with 'flow', allowing you to text paragraphs in seconds. Revolutionary.

  • Brandon Giesing

    Brandon Giesing

    Reviewed in Keyboards!

    Great Prediction, flowing, and Customizability with multiple layouts for all size devices. Free!

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Keyboards

    Does have "swype" feature, best prediction in the market. Has themes. My all time favorite.

  • Naiyer Asif

    Naiyer Asif

    Reviewed in Keyboards for Android

    When it comes to predictions, Swiftkey rules supreme. Recommended for tapping typists. Learns from social accounts and saves this knowledge in cloud for quick relearning. It lags on low-end devices, though.

  • NoName?!


    Reviewed in Keyboard mania!

    Highley recommend this. The best, I'm writing right now with it.

  • Eti Suruzon

    Eti Suruzon

    Reviewed in Etis favorite apps

    Best Android keyboard, period. Takes a couple hours to get used to. You will never understand how you typed without it. Allow it to learn from your SMS, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter accounts for better accuracy and learning