Autumn Dynasty - RTS

Autumn Dynasty - RTS

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Autumn Dynasty - RTS Reviews

  • Miles Henderson

    Miles Henderson

    Reviewed in Game Over Mann, Game Over

    An original idea has been well executed leading to a fantastic rts experience. You control your armies in this game by drawing a line to indicate where you want them to go. This simple control structure marries well with an original graphical style that makes the whole game look like a 12th Century Chinese painting. Base building is also kept to a minimum, freeing you up to decide how you will decimate your rivals. The game was smooth and responsive on my Galaxy Note 3 and actually had me using my spen for a change. While you can use your finger to draw a line for your troops to follow, using a stylus or an spen certainly helps and makes you feel like you are drawing on a living painting. All rts fans should own a copy of this game.


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The traditional Chinese painting becomes an epic battlefield in Autumn Dynasty – a multi-touch real time strategy game for Android devices. Direct your armies with brushstrokes in the spirit of classical maneuver warfare; employ terrain, positioning and cunning stratagems to defend your lands and conquer your foes! For generations, the knowledge of firedust and the legend of the Thousand Sun Weapon has kept the Autumn Empire safe from foreign barbarians. But now the government is weak and her officials corrupt; masked subversives lead the peasants in righteous revolt, threatening to lay bare the secrets of Empire. As civil war threatens to tear the land asunder, will you take up the sword, and stand on mountains to mend the sky?


- Full Real-Time Strategy(RTS) experience: train units, construct buildings, research upgrades
- Intuitive gesture controls: Paint orders directly onto the battle map
- Beautiful, oriental style painted maps: Thousands of soldiers fighting onscreen
- Unlock unique special abilities to turn the tide of battle
- Grand story campaign, AI Skirmish mode and instant action Blitz Mode
- 4 AI difficulties to challenge
- No in app purchases

*Autumn Dynasty may not be compatible with certain device configurations. Should you encounter any issues running the game on your device, please let us know at We will be offering a seven day, full refund policy for non-compatibility.

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