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(っ◕‿◕)っ♥ HOPPU - The Game!
☢ Important: Minimum 1GB of RAM on your phone/tablet and enough skill to beat the game :)
★ Reviews
+ Challenging as well as addictive! -- LifeHacker
+ This game would appeal to adults and children alike! -- Times of India
+ Fills you with levels of exponentially increasing difficulty and challenging obstacles. -- AnimationXpress

♫ About the Game
Hoppu, is a real fun yet tough arcade skill jump game.

A penguin you are, and you NEED the Golden Fish!
Besides the icy death spikes, other animals from North and South pole have teamed up against you!

Can you overcome all the obstacles and YET collect all Golden Fish?

★ 30 levels of hair pulling challenge. Get 3 fish everytime, Can you?
★ TOUGH... only a rare few can finish this game.
★ HighScore by your skill.
★ Simple Controls - Just tap
★ Meet weird characters from the poles
★ Super fun - so share with your friends and see if they can do it!

ツ How to play
- Tap the left half of the screen for a small hop
- Tap the right half of the screen for a longer hop

☃ Fun for all ages!
- Kids, Youth, Mid-Aged, Aged (Oh c'mon, everyone is young!)

✈ Play Anywhere!
- YES. Riding the subway, sitting on the toilet, boring movie, boring date, boring bar, boring lecture, lazy day, too much work pressure, at dentist ... run your imaginations wild. Play wherever, whenever!

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✍ Kindly rate and review the game if you liked it, or let us know on email if you want something improved. ツ