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Toggl Time Tracker

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  • omoling


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    Great tool to keep track of the time you spend on various tasks, although the web interface is still better than the mobile app.


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Simple and convenient time tracking on the go. Log time your way and find out how much of it you spend on your daily tasks! Track work time in teams or personal activities as a single user. Comprehensive reporting from the web app. Toggl time tracker features:
✓ Conveniently track your time both online and offline
✓ Quickly resume tasks you have timed previously
✓ Free time tracking for teams of up to 5 members
✓ Real time sync between devices and web
✓ Export reports & timesheet from the web app (

With Toggl you can track time either in real time or log your activities later when you feel like it. Time entries can have a description, project, client, task* associated with them. You can also mark them as billable* or non-billable.

Detailed reports of how you or your team have spent their time can be generated from the web app. You can export the reports as PDF, CSV or XLS for sending to clients or importing into other software.

* Pro account feature. You can upgrade from the web app.

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