Tocomail - Safe Email for Kids

Tocomail - Safe Email for Kids

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Safe, fun and simple Tocomail is the best email and messaging service for kids that offers efficient parental control while providing fun experience for children. Tocomail is fun email for kids with many cool features such as a drawing board, custom avatar creation, picture timeline and a colorful design that all children will love!

Tocomail is also can be used for class communication. When teacher creates account and adds kids email accounts – they automatically get onto each others contacts lists and account can be ready for communication in the classroom within a few minutes.

Tocomail was designed by parents who wanted to provide a comprehensive set of controls of the kids email that includes a safe contact list, profanity filter and quarantine box to deliver maximum protection for your child’s online communication.

This is a great first email for kids with an easy-to-use interface designed to make it simple to stay connected with family and friends.

- Personalized email address (i.e.
- Amazing drawing board with postcards, stamps, pen, brushes and other instruments to draw attachments
- Fun and simple way to record audio and video attachments
- Kids will love customizing contact list and their own profiles with fun profile pics
- 2 levels of UI with simplified mode for younger kids and standard mode for older children.
- Convenient messaging interface

- Safe contact list supervised by parent – you decide who can communicate with your kids
- Supervised general list of contacts in addition to Safe list
- E-mails from anyone who is not on Safe list will be kept in Quarantine box until parent will approve or reject them
- Receive a copy of the quarantined e-mails to regular email account
- Parent can approve or reject emails right from the notification e-mail
- Profanity filter will detect and quarantine the email with bad language