Redirect File Organizer

Redirect File Organizer

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Redirect File Organizer Reviews

  • Divjot Jolly

    Divjot Jolly

    Reviewed in Non root tricks

    Sorts your files better than a personal secretary, downloaded lots of files but can't find them in a mess called the downloads folder? Let redirect sort it for you

  • aksaks
  • Andy Roid

    Andy Roid

    Reviewed in My MUST HAVE APPS.

    Nifty app which makes your life that much easier. Can create rules for transferring files between folders.

  • Rudy Samuel

    Rudy Samuel

    Reviewed in Best free apps without obstrusive ads

    Very cool and useful automation with clean and easy interface. Let it organize your files based on extension automatically or manually.

  • Khaled Trad

    Khaled Trad

    Reviewed in Awesome Android apps - daily updates

    Redirect File Organizer Automatically Sorts Files and Folders. The app could hardly be simplified much further. You can set up simple redirects that move, for example, all of your video files into a particular folder.

  • Dmantisk


    Reviewed in Apps and games I recommend

    Unless you are using a download manager, you would have been manually moving the files you downloaded to their appropriate locations. Now this app negates that need.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Dec 7th 2013

    santaschesthairs: The premise of the app is simple, you tell my app you want your gifs to go to a certain folder, or your movies to the /Movies folder or whatever files and folder you wish, and with no intervention the app will automatically do this for you.

  • Debanka Chanda

    Debanka Chanda

    Reviewed in TT&T(Try,test and tell)

    I really wanted to donate for this app.As I have multiple browsers,the downloads are all over the space.Now thanks to this app,my downloads(esp photos and videos) are automatically redirected to the folder that I have assigned.The free version has all the functions apart from theme changing and some other minor thing.


Please note, to organize your computer and use the widget, you must purchase the Pro version of the app <\b> Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organize your phone and computer files.

The concept is simple:
A redirect is a task saved to your device that tells the app how your phone and PC should be organised, by 'running' a redirect the app will organize your devices however you have decided.

Only the paid version of the app supports redirecting to your computer.

*You can:*

➜ Sync folders and files between your phone and computer.

➜ Organize your computer.

➜ Move your Video files to one folder.

➜ Move your gifs to one place.

➜ Consolidate your music.

➜ Automatically manage files from your Internal Storage.

➜ Easily backup files.

➜ Keep your work documents organised.


- Support for Android 4.0+

- Undo your organisation.

- Extremely low footprint.

- Ability to edit Redirects.

- Backup and restore your redirects.

- Temporarily disable your redirects.

- Create custom Redirects!

- Tasker Support

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