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  • Bashar Soukkar

    Bashar Soukkar

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    Best and most downloadable Tic Tac Toe game, with 10+ million downloads! Get it now for free! Tic Tac Toe is classic free professional game also known as noughts or crosses.


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Best and most downloadable Tic Tac Toe game, with 10+ million downloads! Get it now for free!
Tic Tac Toe is classic free professional game also known as noughts or crosses. ★★★ Don't miss - Tic Tac Toe game offers: ★★★
✓ 2 players game
✓ 4 different game levels
✓ game statistics
✓ Facebook share
✓ different themes (game skins)
✓ reset game statistics for 1 or 2 players game

★★★ Game levels: ★★★
The Tic Tac Toe game includes 4 difficulty levels, so you can play against Android player that matches your skill level.
● Easy Tic Tac Toe difficulty level: recomended for beginners, android computer player makes sometimes stupid moves while playing Tic Tac Toe game.
● Medium Tic Tac Toe difficulty level: android computer player is smart - clasic and also defaut Tic Tac Toe game level.
● Hard Tic Tac Toe difficulty level: you may win Tic Tac Toe game only when you start game.
● Expert Tic Tac Toe difficulty level: android is samrt and android computer player never lose Tic Tac Toe game.

★★★ More about Tic Tac Toe game: ★★★
Tic Tac Toe game is a pencil-paper game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the Tic Tac Toe game. Players soon discover that best play from both parties leads to a draw (often referred to as cat or cat's game). Hence, tic-tac-toe is most often played by young children.
The friendliness of tic-tac-toe games is also a pedagogical tool for teaching the concepts of good sportsmanship and the branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the searching of game trees.

★★★ Tic-tac-toe game strategy: ★★★
A player can play perfect tic-tac-toe (win or draw) given they move according to:
● Win: If the player has two in a row, play the third to get three in a row.
● Block: If the opponent has two in a row, play the third to block them.
● Fork: Create an opportunity where you can win tic tac toe game in two ways.
● Block opponent's Fork:
- Option 1: Create 2 in a row to force the opponent into defending.
- Option 2: If there is a configuration where the opponent can fork, block that fork.
● Center: Play the center.
● Opposite corner: If the opponent is in the corner, play the opposite corner.
● Empty corner: Play tic tac toe game in a corner square.
● Empty side: Play tic tac toe game in a middle square on any of the 4 sides.

Stop wasting paper and save trees - play Tic Tac Toe game on your Android device for free.
Tic-Tac-Toe game supports one player game, so you can play against your Android device (AI opponent). Tic Tac Toe game is also available for two players: 2 players can play the same game.

Tic Tac Toe Free is a great way to pass your free time, whether you're driving on buss or spending time standing in line. Get Tic Tac Toe Pro (Noughts or Crosses) now and let the fun begin! Thanks for downloading this Tic Tac Toe game.

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