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THX tune-up is a two screen app that helps you check and properly adjust your TV, projector and speakers so you get the most out of your home entertainment system. THX tune-up is completely interactive and you can go through it at your own pace - in any order. Before you download and get started, please ensure you have the correct equipment and adapters to enjoy and utilize this app. Read Device & Connection Requirements, Sound Adjustments Note below and the THX tune-up FAQ.

THX tune-up features custom video test patterns, photos and tutorials to help you adjust and confirm the best picture settings on your display based on room light conditions. Using special audio tests, THX tune-up also allows you to check external speakers to confirm they are in phase and are working properly for 2-channel stereo or 5.1 sound systems.

To get started, connect your device to your TV or AVR, locate the adjustment buttons on the remote control(s) and follow the steps which will walk you through your “THX tune-up.”

Video adjustments
• Aspect ratio – ensures your TV displays shapes and sizes correctly
• Brightness – ensures shadow details and night scenes are clearly visible
• Contrast – ensures white detail is visible on your television
• Color – ensures colors are bright and vibrant but not cartoonish
• Tint – ensures skin tones look natural and are not too green or red

THX tune-up uses the Android device’s rear-facing camera to set color and tint with a special built-in color filter. Point your device’s camera at the TV screen and see if your color and tint settings are adjusted correctly.

Audio adjustments
• Speaker assignment – confirms speakers are connected properly to the correct AVR outputs
• Speaker phase – confirms that speaker cables are connected correctly and all speakers are in phase

THX Extras
• Play extraordinary THX trailers to show off your newly tuned TV and sound system
• Show off your audio system with the push of a button by playing “THX Deep Note” in 5.1 surround, just like in the cinema (phone or tablet must be connected via HDMI cable)
• Turn your phone or tablet into a “moo can” - tilt it to hear the “moo”
• Have a question for THX, or just want to provide feedback? Ask Tex!

Device Requirements
THX tune-up supports the following mobile devices with Android OS 4.2.2 or later.

• HTC Droid DNA (HTC6435LVW)
• HTC One, One Max, One X, & One X+
• LG G2 & LG G Pad
• Motorola Moto X
• Nexus 4, 5, 7-2013 & 10
• Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Mega, Mega 6.3, Grand, Grand 2, Grand Duos, Grand Neo, Galaxy Nexus
• Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Note 3
• Sony Xperia Z, Z1, ZL & Z tablet

Connection Requirements
To connect your Android to your TV, projector or AVR you must use an HDMI cable & an HDMI adapter that is compatible with your specific Android device. You should be able to see the Android screen on the TV or projector and hear audio from it BEFORE you use THX tune-up.

Sound Adjustments Note
To run the sounds tests with an AVR, set the AVR to Direct, Auto Detect mode or equivalent. If your AVR does not have this mode, it may not accurately process AAC 5.1 audio tones. Also, check the specs for your Android device. Some Android devices “virtualize” surround sound audio and will mix and play audio on multiple speakers, even though audio signal may only be on one or two channels – as in the Speaker Assignment and Speaker Phase tests in THX tune-up. In either or both of these cases, the results of the 5.1 speaker/sound adjustments may not be accurate. This is not a problem with the app but due to audio processing of the AVR or Android device.

This app is not a professional calibration tool and is not intended to replace an in-home professional calibration.

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