The Predicktor

The Predicktor

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Measure what has been actually shown to predict his penis length: butt size, height, ring and finger length, his sexual orientation and whether he is a porn star! Seriously! This is what really predicts his length. Forget nose size, forget shoe size .. myths. Science shows there is not much difference between guys and what little there is ... measure what matters to compare. ▶ Get a reassuring answer to the burning question "am I normal"?

We used published medical studies to get you the best predicktion. You should not use a single measurement to guess his length - we try and use things shown to actually be correlated.

In bars, cafes or between classes, women (and men) should always have it on hand to see how each guy measures up! This fun app has been designed to be fun, and you use it with friends to have fun predicting maybe that next guys' personal penis length - anywhere, anytime! We don't recommend using during class.

Lots of media get it:

"app aims to help you easily uncover what really comes between a boy and his Calvins."
"The Predicktor is a fun way to estimate his size"
"There's now an app for predicting size of man's penis" @askdrruth Dr. Ruth Westheimer
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The app not only predicts his size but tells you how many men in the world he is bigger than, country by country. Check out how many men in Greenland he is the same size. Make his day - tell him he is bigger than 2 million men in Greece, or the same size as 43,000 men in Fiji or maybe he is bigger than 2.45 billion other men in the world. Even if he is predicted to be a small normal, he may still bigger than millions of men around the world.

The Predicktor draws from hard scientific data to use stats like his finger length, height, sexual orientation and butt size to predict his length. It bluntly ignores things shown in studies to have no role in predicting size - like race and nose size (see in the app why this is true)!!! Check it out - get informed and debunk the myths.

We threw in a bunch of medical references to tell you really what women think ...

Women (and men) use The Predicktor to:

▶ Find out what part of the penis most pleasures men.
▶ Learn more about Small Penis Syndrome.
▶ Find out what women really think about men’s genitalia in scientific surveys - it will surprise you.
▶ Estimate the length of any guy's erect penis, even from across the room.
▶ Find out what body parts are truly related to penis size
▶ Find out what body parts are have no bearing on penis size.
▶ Show the difference between a smaller and large sized penis - the difference may be smaller than you think.
▶ Get a reassuring answer to the burning question "am I normal"?

Enjoy The Predicktion Odometer (we think it is super cute) action as it finds his size - fun to use with friends, anywhere (not just a bachelorette party).

Inspired by patients of all ages who express penis-related insecurity, anxiety or dissatisfaction, The Predicktor was created to actually help women – and men – get perspective on a prickly subject and have fun doing it! There is not that much variation, relax, chat and have fun.

The Predicktor busts myths and relieves anxiety through fun calculations and getting the facts.

Calculate. Compare. Relax.