Deprofundis: Requiem

Deprofundis: Requiem

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    Sep 23, 2015

Deprofundis: Requiem Reviews

  • Ashwin S

    Ashwin S

    Reviewed in Best Free RPGs

    Sequel to Deprofundis, core gameplay is the same.

  • T. Fergason

    T. Fergason

    Reviewed in Fantasy and Dark Fantasy

    A sequel to the highly impressive Deprofundis. Includes updated content like a new storyline and dungeons, but the graphics aren't wildly different (which is okay since they're already amazing). Feels more like a DLC expansion than a sequel, but I guess that's why the game isn't called Deprofundis 2.

  • Chris louthan
  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in SGD's Indie Games Feed

    Beautiful, addicting, and epic, Deprofundis: Requiem is easily the best Android dungeon crawler since the original Deprofundis. Best of all it is free, so don't pass this up if you're a fan of dungeon crawlers!