Terrain Home: Sidebar & Search

Terrain Home: Sidebar & Search

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    Sep 22, 2014

Terrain Home: Sidebar & Search Reviews

  • Ashley Luna Davis

    Ashley Luna Davis

    Reviewed in Launcher Alternatives

    Terrain is a bit of a different beast. Accessing the apps drawer is accomplished by swiping in from the right, and resembles a contacts list more than anything. Swiping from the left brings up Terrain's cards, allowing you a quick glance at the weather, your Facebook feed, your favorite contacts, and a ton of other cards you can choose to add. The big downside for some will be that it doesn't support icon themes.

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Android App Report

    I'm currently still testing this app, but I will say this. It helps to keep you current with the self populated "sidebar" feature where it plugs in news articles from a number of sources. As well as to provide shortcuts to facebook's news feed, contacts, weather, calender and quite a few more. However, I must state that the elephant in the room is the striking resemblance to Aviate Launcher. I may end up doing a head to head between the two launchers. If this app is not available in your region, like it is for me. The apk file is online and easy to find via Google.


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Note: This is a US-only beta release. Please visit http://terrainhome.com/faq.html for more info..
Terrain is a smart homescreen for Android that makes your phone simpler and more streamlined by putting everything you care about in one place. Find contacts faster, launch apps faster, and view content faster. KEY FEATURES:
* A Bird's Eye View with Smart Sidebar — curate all your favorite content (apps, tools, contacts, news, social) to view at a glance or dive in for a deeper look. The sidebar is easy to personalize; just pick the content you want from our free cards library and arrange your cards however you like.
* Find Things Fast with Local Phone Search — quickly find any contact or app on your phone with just a swipe
* Stay Organized with Apps Drawer — we’ve cleaned up the Apps screen so it’s easier to find the app you’re looking for
* Navigate Quickly with Swipe Gestures — swipe right for Sidebar, up for Search, and left for Apps
* No Battery Impact — unlike other smart launchers, Terrain is optimized for efficiency and will not kill your battery
* Change Homescreen Icon Grid Size — adjust how many icons can fit on your homescreen
* 100% Android -- everything you love about Android (widgets, homescreens, adjustable grid size), plus more

If you have any feedback or want to request a new Terrain Card in the Sidebar, please email us at support@terrainhome.com.