Moonball: Lite - Space Game

Moonball: Lite - Space Game

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    Apr 17, 2014


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Tap and collect Moonball through our solar system and beyond in this epic and addictive space adventure! Moonball: Lite is completely free to play but some in-game items such as power-ups will require payment.

It's a puzzle challenge, physics challenge, color challenge, and brain exercise all in one!

Moonball: Lite features:
★ Highscore format, addictive levels, traveling through our solar system and into deep space!
★ Fun and easy to play, but fully mastering it can be a challenge!
★ Amazing colors and detail!
★ Power-ups to help you through your quest!
★ Beautiful graphics take you through outer space!

Travel through our solar system into deep space to find and capture the treasured Adnap Diamond!

The best type of fuel for this mission is Moonball. It floats on each planet. There are several fuel types, some more common than others. This close to Earth, only two fuel types can be found: Green and Orange. The farther you go, the more fuel types exist, and the more colors will be available.

Tap the fuel cells to match the color of each Moonball. Each time a matching color lands on your fuel cell, you will gain a fuel point. When your tank is full, you can travel to the next moon.

Be careful! If a Moonball of the wrong color lands on your fuel cell, it will cost you fuel! You may also encounter space dangers such as Asteroids!


This highly anticipated space adventure is set in the year 3045; the Adnap Diamond has just been discovered, and it's your mission to recover it! The Diamond is known to have mystical secrets!

This game includes extremely fun color challenges! While in outer space, it's your job to catch different color Moonball on your fuel cell! Your ship needs fuel to travel through space; the farther you travel, the more colors will exist!

Be social! Tell your friends what level you are currently on! Leaderboards coming in the Pro version!
Moonball: Epic Adventure features:
★ Social integration: Facebook and Twitter.
★ Leaderboards: challenge your friends to go even farther!
★ Additional Power-ups!
★ More Colors!
★ Unlimited levels!
★ Additional mysteries and side-quests!
★ In-Game currency! Collect space dust to purchase power-ups!
★ Achievements! Gain rank, solve puzzles, top the leaderboards!