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Unshorten Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    You know how sometimes when you click on a shortened YouTube/Play link and you have to go through your browser to get sent to the YouTube app/Play Store? Yeah that stinks. Unshorten cuts out the pesky middle man and saves you those five seconds. Unshorten gives you the gift of time, guys.

  • Dmantisk


    Reviewed in Apps and games I recommend

    Having this app installed saves you from having to go to the browser only to be redirected again to another app (eg:-YouTube) when you click on shortened links. You will need it if you browse a lot on your device.

  • Banton


    Reviewed in The Android Explorer

    Does its thing well

  • Francisco Alvarado

    Francisco Alvarado

    Reviewed in Essential apps: Beyond 1st impression

    Verifies those shortened URLs and prevents malicious pages to open even before opening the browser. I recommend you to install it alongside "Short URL Resolver".

  • Den


    Reviewed in Useful apps

    Can be used to skip opening shortened links in your browser - instead it goes straight to the appropriate app.


Jump directly to your favorite native apps and avoid using a browser to unshorten URLs such as bit.ly and goo.gl. With Unshorten, you avoid the annoying browser middle-man to unshorten URLs and are taken directly to your chosen native application.
Tapping short links in Twitter clients, Facebook, Google Plus, and Reddit first opens a web browser. The browser then immediately redirects you to your selected default native application. Save time and avoid unnecessary taps by letting Unshorten expand short URLs and open the proper native application directly!

Thank you Reddit community (/r/android)! I got some great feedback from everyone and have started to address some of it in the first update. More features/improvements are on the way!

Supported URL shortener services:
-Reddit (new!)
-Sound Cloud (new!)
-Instagram (new!)
-Strava (new!)
-Twitter: t.co
-Bitly: bit.ly and bitly.com
-Google: goo.gl
-YouTube: youtu.be
-Facebook: fb.me
-Wordpress: wp.me
-Twitlonger: tl.gd
-Whitehouse: wh.gov
-Untapped: untp.i
-Kickstarter: kck.st
-Engadget: engt.co
-New York Times: nyti.ms
-CNN: on.cnn.com
-CNN Money: cnnmon.ie
-The Verge: vrge.co
-Hoot Suite: ow.ly
-Is Good: is.gd
-Deliver It: dlvr.it