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Taptu - DJ your News

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Taptu - DJ your News Reviews

  • Debanka Chanda

    Debanka Chanda

    Reviewed in TT&T(Try,test and tell)

    My story with Taptu has a gap of about 4 months and several apps between its seasons.I had it installed very first when I had got my android.Then,in my search of other news apps,I installed and tried flipboard,feedly,pulse and lot others.What's the the good thing about Taptu is that when you open it, you can see all the news items in your various channels at a glance.you don't have to flip through the news or anything fancy.If you actually want to read lotsa news and over view when more, Taptu is for you. Also you can merge channels,eg, you can merge android news from all the channels into a single channel.And thesync is awesome too.With Taptu returned to my device, this is a permanent app.

  • Rita El Khoury
  • Mtc Sameer

    Mtc Sameer

    Reviewed in @ω@ great things - looking for

    great rss reader.

  • Joanna Palmer

    Joanna Palmer

    Reviewed in Essential Apps

    Just perfect, totally customisable with excellent widget options.

  • PSarge


    Reviewed in Currently Installed

    Taptu one of the nicer looking News UI's out there. I turned to Taptu when my old go to went down hill and I haven't looked back.


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Taptu is a social news reader that puts all your favorite stuff in one app.

Add your favorite web sites, blogs, and social networks like Facebook or
Twitter, and see them transformed into gorgeous visual streams. Create highly personalised streams in the StreamStudio: Merge several news feeds into one stream, and rename and color-code
that stream. Turn on Taptu Magic to let Taptu learn what you like and tailor your
streams to your interests. Create customized keyword searches to keep you up to date on a
specific topic.

Read and reply to what your friends write on Facebook and Twitter.

Save articles to read them later using Instapaper, Pocket or Taptu's bookmarks.

Sync your streams across devices, platforms, and your browser at taptu.com.


TechCrunch: "The design itself is sleek and clean, allowing you to separate each stream...If you are a power reader or a news junkie, Taptu's app is the way to go. Not only does it allow you to access a large number of news sources (thousands), in an easy to read interface, but it allows you to personalize and customize your feeds"

Wired.com: "Taptu's secret sauce lets you mash up mixed streams...I didn't give up on it after some initial enthusiasm. I kept going back not only to read up on things but also to try things out that occurred to me randomly and to tinker with feeds"


A number of highly customizable widgets including scrollable Lists and Stacks, with custom update times and multiple backgrounds.

Find and add streams

* Add streams: Choose from a huge variety of featured topical streams in our StreamStore. It's all free.
* Find even more content using the search box and Bing RSS Search


* DJ your News: Mix & merge streams and color-code them to your liking. Add and remove sources from Taptu's topical streams or create custom Search Streams by filtering your streams with a keyword.

Taptu Magic

* Make your streams more interesting: Let Taptu learn what you're into from your reading habits so we can make your streams more relevant to you.
* Suppose you're into football but not tennis and you've added Taptu's sports stream. Taptu Magic will learn what articles you read and show you more football and less tennis.
* You can still add and remove sources from your streams, and you can always switch off Taptu Magic, so you're in control.

Social networks

* Read your favorite social streams - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
* Share: Post articles and share streams to your friends.
* Post to, like, comment or re-tweet from your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn streams


Found a bug, got stuck, have a suggestion? Drop us an email at mytaptu-androidmarket@taptu.com

Follow us on:
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MyTaptu
Twitter - http://twitter.com/taptu
Web - https://www.taptu.com

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