KnightRider Watchface for Wear

KnightRider Watchface for Wear

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    10,000 - 50,000
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    Aug 14, 2014


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The Knight Rider's watchface for your Android Wear.
You can be the hero and talk to your supercar (OK GOOGLE) to defeat bad guys right away!
* ONLY support Android Wear devices! (currently LG G Watch & Samsung Gear Live)
* Currently only shows the 12-hours mode.
* If PM is not shown up to the right of minutes, then it is AM time.
* Support both LG G Watch & Samsung Gear Live.
* Please feel free to contact me if any suggestion or feedback.
* Comlink artwork used with permission from NRN Design, (C)2008 The Knight Rider Companion all rights reserved. (

[Special Features]
* ONLY available with some special customized supercar!
* Lock opener
* Audio/Video transmitter
* Digital Camera
* Electrical generation mode
* Communicated with A.I. powered supercar.
* Audio/Video playbacks
* Homing beacon