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    Oct 20, 2014

Fleksy Keyboard Reviews

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    This keyboard just one the world record for fastest mobile typing. For this reason it's 50 % off right now. Pretty nifty, with great autocorrect and gestures. No swiping though. There's a free trial version if you wanna try it before spending money.

  • ^^4!!3c|@


    Reviewed in Hot 'n' New Awesome apps

    better than swype n 50% off til may 30 2014

  • Niall Healy

    Niall Healy

    Reviewed in Fun & Functional

    Fleksy is an innovative and well designed keyboard for android that combines gestures, conventional touchscreen typing and an extremely superior autocorrect system to allow users to type quickly and accurately. The app is available paid or a free version which works for a trial period and then must be paid for. The app includes the ability to change everything from the size of the keyboard, the theme and pretty much everything about the keyboard to make it personal to you. It includes a badge system which is almost like an achievement system which documents your progress like 100 words typed etc. What's cool is that it sometimes rewards you by unlocking one of the themes or even giving you extra days on top of your free trial. It has a built in challenge paragraph to type as fast as you can which helps you learn the keyboard as well. I definitely recommend you get this keyboard, but try the free version first to see if you like it.

  • Naga Girisa Nandan

    Naga Girisa Nandan

    Reviewed in Intresting apps and games

    My favourite keyboard. Fastest typing by many features. Neat ui and themes. Free version is available just try it. You'll defenitely like it

  • Erik Olsson

    Erik Olsson

    Reviewed in Beautifully Designed and Practical

    This keyboard is fast, sleek, and very easy to use with a little practice. Swipe to the left in the middle row of letters to erase a word, swipe up to save a word to your library, and swipe down to cycle through punctuation.

  • Amirul Syafiq Zulkifli

    Amirul Syafiq Zulkifli

    Reviewed in All Android

    Frankly, the autocorrect function is not as good Swiftkey. But you'll love the design. Simple and elegant.

  • Brandon Giesing

    Brandon Giesing

    Reviewed in Keyboards!

    The best keyboard out there, in my opinion, allowing you to type blindly. Free version available.

  • Archive I

    Archive I

    Reviewed in Games not for Couples

    this text typed with Fleksy. after I install it I can't imagine my life without it. very convenient swipe-based mechanic if you need type - or ' you don't need change layout, just miss it :) what also I like in it: badges, invisibility, different sizes, colors...

  • Dion Mei

    Dion Mei

    Reviewed in Beautiful and Useful

    This keyboard is absolutely beautiful and awesome because of the way it's built and you can change the color of the keyboard so try it out

  • Saarth Jauhari

    Saarth Jauhari

    Reviewed in Apps with a Beta Channel



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Fleksy is the fastest keyboard in the world. Colorful and delightful typing, so comfortable you can even type without looking. Try the keyboard that is officially the WORLD'S FASTEST since May 2014!
★ “It made me switch from Swiftkey and Swype... So fast, simple and reliable.”
★ “Emojis work great on Facebook and Twitter!”
★ “...killer text prediction that works with even the sloppiest of writing.” - TIME.com

Enjoy over 600 emoji in the palm of your hand. (Works with Whatsapp/ Facebook Messenger/ Snapchat/ Twitter and all your favs)

Express yourself and your style by customizing your keyboard. Feel like changing things up a little? Change your theme! Explore some of Fleksy’s vibrant, beautiful color themes and keyboard styles.

Wrong letter? Sloppy typing? No Problem! Fleksy will know what word you meant to type even if you mis-type every letter. This smart keyboard doesn’t just look at the letters you press, it looks at the pattern you tap to understand what you meant to type. Type reliably, type beyond prediction.

Tired of pressing backspace? Swipe left anywhere for blazing fast word-by-word delete. Wrong autocorrect? Just swipe down anywhere to change the word! Fleksy’s gestures maximize typing speed and comfort, making typing as simple as on your laptop.

Personalize Fleksy to meet your screen space needs with multiple layout options. Fleksy’s gesture system allows you to minimize the keyboard or even make it invisible and see 100% of your screen.

Track your stats, master typing without looking and share your achievements through My Badges! Collect 30 badges like “Invisible Master”, “Dash Swiper”, and “King of Keyboards” to unlock new themes and styles!

Fleksy adjusts further to your writing style through My Fleksy Cloud service. Teach Fleksy how you write by linking your email and social networks, then backup and sync seamlessly across your devices.


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Vote for your language at http://languages.fleksy.com
Languages with the most votes will be released faster!
Based on your feedback we're working on:
• Bahasa Indonesia
• Polish

Set to your preference: QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, even DVORAK or Colemak, Fleksy supports them all.

Fleksy does not collect any personal data without your explicit permission. We take privacy very seriously.
The warning message that says Fleksy may be able to collect "all the text you type, including personal data like passwords and credit card numbers" is part of the Android operating system that appears when any third party keyboard is enabled.

Happy Typing!

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