Swerve and Destroy

Swerve and Destroy

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  • Downloads:
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Last update
    Nov 7, 2013


Swerve and Destroy is an exciting Android arcade game! You control a lone white dot, struggling against hordes of encroaching red zombie enemies. Tilt the phone to control your player. Collect powerups to defend yourself, get rid of your enemies, and earn points! The faster you move and the faster you destroy, the more points you earn. Play in one of three free play modes (easy, medium, or hard), or, if you've mastered those, try the additional bonus levels which vary the game rules and mechanics for additional challenge.

Tell five friends about the game and get a free upgrade.

We highly recommend going through the tutorial - trust us, it's fun!

Compete against other players via Bluetooth and compete with your friends by choosing an alias and getting your high scores posted on the Leader Board!

*A note about permissions:
- We use GET_ACCOUNTS to provide each user with a unique id (a secure hash of your account name). This id allows users to use the leader board sync game data between devices and protect against data loss. Note: Identifiable account information never leaves your phone (we only send around the secure hash).
- We recently removed the READ_LOGS permission, which was used to provide debugging information if the game had a problem.

Additional Notes:
- This game is reportedly unstable on galaxy SII - if you have problems, please email us! We're trying to fix this, but we don't have a device to test on.
- If you have a tablet, you may experience problems with the tilt controls. Some Android tablets reverse the controls - if this happens, go to "Settings" and enable the "Swap Tilt Axes".
- If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, don't hesitate to email us (the developers) at bullman.dev@gmail.com! If you email us with some comments, feedback, or complaints (along with your alias), we'd be happy to give you the upgrade for free. :)