Note 2 Hidden Settings

Note 2 Hidden Settings

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***Email me if you have problems. I respond to every email*** If you liked this app and want to help support it, be sure to grab the Donate Version:
Make sure that this app is not blocked by the XPrivacy app.
It's a good idea to backup your data before making any root modifications.

This app enables you to easily change hidden settings on your Note 2 (or other Samsung device), such as:
• Adding a shutter sound on/off option to the camera
• Turning on Infinite Scroll mode on the launcher and app drawer
• Extending how many contacts you can join together
These modifications normally can only be made by manually editing a system file, which can be dangerous and very inconvenient. This app makes the process quick and painless.

• Shows which options have already been enabled, even by a different app or manually
• Creates an automatic backup in case something goes wrong
• Nice looking Holo interface
• Supports devices which implement feature.xml or an others.xml file

Ads can be turned off in the menu, but remember it's the only form of revenue that is supporting the app.

Note: App is not compatible with AOSP roms.

• Use Root Explorer, ES File Explorer or a similar app to go to the /system/csc directory
• Delete the feature.xml file
• Rename the feature_backup.xml file to feature.xml
• Make sure the file permissions on the new feature.xml are rw-r--r--:
◦ Owner: Read, Write
◦ Group: Read
◦ Others: Read

If the app isn't working or if you have any other questions, please email the developer and a fix will be on the way. I strongly encourage you to email SteinApps@gmail about your problem instead of just talking about it in a review, as there is no way for me to really help you unless you email.

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