The Little Crane That Could

The Little Crane That Could

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    Apr 11, 2014


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It is simply the most fun you can have operating a crane. Its 10M users can't be wrong: the challenges are entertaining. The incredibly realistic simulation gives you full control over your crane. Repair bridges, load cargo trains, reconstruct ancient temples, move houses: it is all possible in 'The Little Crane That Could'. You can even fly a Sky Crane in this game.

Play the first six action packed levels for free, and with a single one time purchase you can unlock all 24 levels in the game.

You can now design your own levels, using the Little Crane World Editor (sold separately.)

Vote for greenlighting this game at
Alternatively, press yellow options button in the game's main menu, and tap on VOTE.

- Top notch physics.
- 6 free levels.
- free roaming sandbox level.
- 19 premium levels.
- Support for tablet devices.
- Gorgeous high resolution visuals.
- High frame rates on all modern devices.
- Drive mobile cranes, dump trucks, skid loaders and fork lifts.
- Fly a Sky Crane.

My apologies to the people making the in app purchase, and do not see all the levels unlocked. If this happens to you, and 'Restore Premium' button is not helping, please use this work around:
- open device settings
- open apps tab, Little Crane
- uninstall
- open google play store and download again.
- launch game, it will say 'restoring purchases'.

Starting with V1.12 you can now play Little Crane with your PS3 gamepad.
This feature is ONLY AVAILABLE for devices that support USB HOST.

More information on the game is available in the FAQ.

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