BogeyWogey Ghostbuster 3D Free

BogeyWogey Ghostbuster 3D Free

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Bogey Wogey: Ghostbusters 3D Free!!! is a free 3D shooting game for daring Ghostbusters who are willing to venture out in total spookiness to rescue their loved ones from total Ghost menace in an epic Ghostbusters shooting saga. Rush to save your village from the mischievous Ghosts in one free entertaining Ghostbusters shooting odyssey. While you were out on the Ghostbusters shooting expedition, these little angry Ghosts had clash of clan chasing your folks away in to the forest. Worst yet, these ghosts are feasting on your precious winter food and drinks. Protected by the evil powers of their druid tucked in their magic lanterns and Pandora boxes, these cunning little ghosts have build forts and garrisons inside your village. The clamor of their rumble, mumble, singing and munching is disheartening to your folks. Seasoned Ghostbusters save your folks by shooting evil ghosts before there is nothing left of your abode.

Sneak into your village without getting spotted and knock off these ghosts from their barricades one at a time taking a sweat revenge. Use your magical fireballs to knock them into the energy force fields and capture them forever before they vanish. Get birds eye view and explode their garrisons into pieces by precisely targeting stolen explosives in their makeshift shacks. If that's not enough then simple run over their garrisons like a human canon ball. Be a Ghostbusters mayhem!!!

This game has a very simple game plan for casual fun and has elements of cue games like billiards in 3D. While most of the levels can be completed at your own pace, experts can earn more points by finishing game in fewer attempts, shooting better and further, and creating grander destruction. Also more points can be earned by not using the aiming guides relaying more on judgment. Understanding of physics and planning collision of rigid bodies will earn you more points.

The games starts with simple levels and matures into odyssey like adventures requiring fair bit movement on terrain to find and destroy Ghosts. Keep track of all the Ghosts you have capture on the home page and you never know you will be the king of Bogey Wogey: Ghostbusters!!!

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