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Introducing SpeakingPhoto Galleries and version 2.0, our most significant release yet. We continue to enjoy accolades from our users and media for our relentless focus on a clear, simple experience. Our users around the world spoke, and we listened. SpeakingPhoto is now a full featured web and mobile solution, supporting a wide variety of use cases and workflows. You simply won't believe all the possibilities that personal galleries enable!

Of course, it is still the simplest way to capture and share stories on your smartphone. Now with 4.0, transform everyday photos into rich, valuable communications that can be shared via web or mobile. Sign into your personal gallery on speakingphoto.com and keep all your SPOTs safe, organized and private.

Share your SPOTs from your personal gallery, post to to the SpeakingPhoto public gallery or send your SPOTs directly to friends and family using a variety of social channels. Every time you use SpeakingPhoto, you’ll see what creative people from around the world are creating and sharing!


- Shoot - Take a photo and capture your voice along with the moment.

- Speak - Select any photo from your existing photos and add your voice.

- Share - Combine up to eight SPOTs to create and share a slideshow to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterist, Tumblr and more.

- Send a SpeakingPhoto directly through Text or Email.

- When you create SPOTs on your smartphone, they are now automatically available in the cloud in your own personal gallery. Safe, secure and private.

- Sign in to access your personal gallery from your smartphone or from any web browser.

- Invite others to view your personal gallery; explore any gallery that you have been invited to.

- Share with users around the world on the SpeakingPhoto Public Gallery.

Turn your pictures into stories… SHOOT. SPEAK. SHARE.

- Redesigned for Android
- Sign in to access your personal gallery from your smartphone or from any web browser.
- Your user profile safely stores your gallery information.
- Invite anyone to view your personal gallery.
- Explore any gallery that you have been invited to.
- All your SPOTs are backed up in the cloud in case you lose or upgrade your smartphone.


SpeakingPhoto (five stars)
by GMG27

I was intrigued about using this app but could not get my first upload to occur. I emailed the support group and had immediate response to my request--three responses in two day! It works just fine and always did but I disallowed something that was required--


Absolut A+ - SpeakingPhoto (five stars)
by Hermosa61

A friend told me about this APP, so I decided to purchase it. I'm glad I did! It is simple and easy to use, yet speaks volumes about the photos I'm sending! This APP is AWESOME! I use it all the time! Don't leave home without it! Two Thumbs Up!


Awesome App (five stars)
by Blud blinder

This has saved us from late birthday wishes. We just snap a photo, sing and email.


This is Such a GREAT IDEA! (five stars)
by Cwilmoth

We have been sending Pictures to the grandparents using this app - They love hearing the kids voices singing, screaming yipping and yodeling! This is a BLAST!


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