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With Xperia Link, you can get your Xperia™ Tablet or VAIO PC to connect to the Internet by using the tethering function of your Xperia™ phone. From your Xperia™ Tablet or VAIO PC, you can remotely turn on and off the tethering function. When out and about, by tossing your Xperia™ phone in a pocket or bag, you can still connect to the Internet even when a Wi-Fi is unavailable.
*Note that Bluetooth must always be on during use. On your Xperia™ Tablet (excluding Xperia ™ Tablet S), you can receive call notifications and view your Xperia™ phone’s text messages. You will not miss a phone call or SMS while you are tethering with your phone in your pocket or bag. You can also reply to text messages that you received on your phone directly from the bigger screen of your Xperia™ Tablet.
*Please install the latest version of Xperia Link to both devices from this page. Supported phones:

Xperia™ with Android 4.0 or later - Your phone and data plan must support the use of tethering - You may incur additional charges for tethering depending on your data plan.

Supported tablets: Xperia™ Tablet - To share mobile connection over Bluetooth, both phone and tablet must support Bluetooth tethering (Android 4.4).

Supported computers: VAIO PCs installed with Windows 8 or later

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