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[Notice on Share Server Closure]
The Share Server used to upload and share motiongraph works will be closed after March 15th, 2016. You will still be able to create and save motiongraph works with this app, but will not be able to see other users' work on this app or on gallery site after the closure. The direct share function on this app that allows you to post your work on Facebook or Twitter will also be unavailable after the closure. However, you can use "Send" function that appears by tapping menu button next to your work to send your work to other apps such as Twitter App. This will allow you to make a post to social networks.

All the works you have created in the past are saved onto your handset, but if you wish to retrieve your works from the Share Server, you may do so before the server closure by showing your works by tapping "My images" and then selecting "Download" from the menu button next to your work.

motiongraph is a smartphone application that creates unusual images in which part of the image moves like a video. Amaze your friends with these unique images that are limited only by your imagination.

Note: Our test has shown that the app does not work correctly with Xperia Go. We are currently studying our workaround to the problem.

This app is developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc. (SDNA)


•Easy three steps
motiongraph allows you to create your image in three simple and intuitive operations.
1. Shoot: Tap a button to record a very short video about 2 seconds in length.
2. Edit: Swipe across the screen to define the areas that you want to move or not to move.
3. Save: Tap a button again to save your work, and you’re done!

•Share your images
motiongraph makes it easy to share the images you create.

motiongraph shares a thumbnail link to Facebook. Your friends can view your image simply by clicking the link.

motiongraph posts a link to your image to a tweet or into the body of an e-mail, making it easy for your audience to view your image no matter what computer environment they may be using.

•View the creations of others from within motiongraph
When you start motiongraph, images shared by others around the world are displayed.

•Editing features to fine-tune your image
motiongraph has a range of features to enhance your control of your image and to improve your picture quality.
-Adjust camera settings such as focus, white balance, and exposure.
-Reduce jitter taken from moving camera by Sony’s Image Stabilization Technology
-Specify the start point (In point) and end point (Out point) for the moving part of the image.
-Adjust playback speed and control the smoothness of the playback

For more information, refer to:

- To read, store, and access storage history of picture files
-To upload the image created, to post the link to SNS, to display the images created by others, and to authenticate with services that works with the app
-To record video in camera mode

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Photo and Video Solution From SDNA: