Smash Steve Jobs LWP FREE

Smash Steve Jobs LWP FREE

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    Sep 8, 2013


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This live wallpaper is now FREE, with ads. If you want to be able to beat up Steve Jobs, get the paid version. The legendary jerk who changed the world forever, Steve Jobs, now has his own live wallpaper. His Mercedes is parked in a handicap parking spot, so what are you gonna do about it??!! Smash his car!

NOTE: This is a Live wallpaper, you can find it under Wallpapers > Live Wallpapers > Steve Jobs Live Wallpaper


* Awesome pixel graphics
* Several levels of damage to his car
* Cool animations
* A bad Steve Jobs impersonation

Check out these awesome reviews:

* You crazy stupid animals!! How dare you design a thing horrible like that... Go to hell.. All of you who are involved in making this app... Do you have the slightest idea of how much great Steve Jobs was?! You guys have no freaking idea of his work... And here you are making these stupid, horrible, bull crap things... Go to HELL
* Shame on you don't you have sense and make apps just makes fun on legendary Steve Jobs worst app just sucks
* One of the funniest about not so humble money man. I sorry, please don't hit me, I am a poor fragile women... Mr. J. ANDROID rules.