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HOP ON YOUR GIANT WAR TURTLE, STRAP ON SOME GUNS AND START SHOOTING!! You are a Klang Clan Turtle Wrangler and you must ride your War Turtle across three unique worlds. Trek across the Goblin Kingdoms to help your turtle find true love. Stomp through the Yeti Wilds to rescue your baby turtle. Plow through the Buglian Hives to rescue a fallen alien and prevent the Bugs from stealing his technology.

Travel across snowy peaks, putrid swamps and torrid deserts as you rescue different champions to fight for your cause. Curtis the Wizard, Chuckles the Dragon and Gunnar Gunnarson are just a few of the heroes who will lend you their power on your adventure.


- Critically acclaimed and best-selling shooter!
- 3 Different Worlds and over 100 Levels to conquer.
- Rescue and level up 16 different champions.
- More than 100 different enemies to battle.
- Hours and hours of gameplay.
- Multitouch controls for crazy combos.

The critics love Shellrazer:

Top 5 Games on the Go 2012 - Canadian Video Game Awards
4.5/5 - The App Shack
4.5/5 - Gamezebo
4.9/5 - The Apple Tree
4.5/5 -
Top 50 Games of 2012 -

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