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    Even Up is an absolute must for fans of challenging puzzlers like Sudoku. The game has a simple set of rules, but there is a serious amount of challenge to come as you progress through the game. Even Up is a game you really need to get your hands on!


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Inspired by Sudoku, Even Up is a super slick, super simple puzzle game with one one basic rule: pair up tiles to make a match and eventually clear the board. Its premise may be simple, but the puzzle solving becomes trickier as you swipe your way through 125 carefully crafted levels. Solve a puzzle in under five minutes or over five hours -- either way, you'll feel a mastermind every single time.

Be smart, have fun.

- Unique gameplay inspired by Sudoku.
- 125 cleverly handcrafted puzzles of varying size and difficulty.
- Leaderboards and achievements for the ultimate competitor and completionist.
- Wonderful family/group game, simple enough for almost any age.
- No In App Purchases or additional purchasable level packs.
- Loads of additional features on the way.
- Supported Languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, and Korean.

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