Smart Diagram Lite

Smart Diagram Lite

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    Apr 11, 2011


Smart Diagram brings easy diagram making to Android
Organize ideas and thoughts with clear diagrams. Simple & Easy, No painful learning. You can note down your flash ideas with flow chart now!
Usage: Flow Chart, Tree Diagram, Mind Map, etc Support Android 2.1 or above. App tested on Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus 1, Motorola Droid. Other devices may not support gestures operation. Please report bugs to with your android device, OS version. We may not be able to support devices other than the 3 models.

Create Shape with Gesture
Rectangle, Circle and Diamond block can be easily drawn on the screen.

Drag & Drop Delete
Simply press a shape then hold for a second, drag it to the rubbish bin and it will be deleted

Manually Shape Movement
Shape can be easily navigated to other areas instantly. Just touch it for half second and move it away. No painful movement again.

Easy Sharing
A finished map can be exported to jpg, png, svg or shared with your colleagues with email. You will never leave it on your phone now.

Export to JPG, PNG, XML file

Multi-language support on shape's text field

MultiTouch Zooming

User quote:
"Perfect tool if you want to create flow charts on the road. Easy to use, tutorial included, nice export formats" by jamslug (January 20, 2011)

Free Version will be limited to 5 diagram. Paid Version will remove the ad and waive the diagram limit. More configuration setting will be added. Please view Smart Diagram Pro for more details. You can follow our update @

""""""""""Recently there is users complaining the ad take up the workspace. This is due to the house ad from Adwhirl suddenly causing strange errors. The house ad is now disabled. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. We seriously handle your complaints all the time. 31/3/2011 by SillyCube Dev Team"""""""""""