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SidePlayer Reviews

  • Jerrod Jackson

    Jerrod Jackson

    Reviewed in TRY THESE 😁

    Easy access for your music

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Music Player Apps

    Extremely lightweight, recommended for people who barely access the music app, although this is not a stand alone player, you "control" other apps. Maybe too basic, personally i don't like my screen full of floating things


SidePlayer - Music everywhere!
Information: This is a light version. If you like this app and to unlock all functions get the pro version, please. Thank you!
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With this floating music player you can easily switch between songs. Just swipe or shake the music control in and turn on your favorite song. With another services you can activate meta informations or the quick control notification. You also can choose between themes or layout. And sooo much more. Just try it out.

Why this player and not via status bar?
- There are a lot of devices which do not support the statusbar swiping in fullscreen mode
- It is easier to swipe from left to right / right to left, especially on tablets
- It is just looking awesome!
- You can use it nearly easy & everywhere
- If you are using it in a game you dont need to pause the game

Perfect game experience
This app is made for gaming. It is just awesome and easy to switch between songs ingame without pause the game. With the shake gesture you can let the player show / hide and with one click you can turn on the next song while you are fighting f.e. agains zombies.

Some of the best functions:
- Theme selection Pro Version only
- Layout selection Pro Version only
- Different animation Pro Version only
- Position Pro Version only
- Activation area
- Gesture
- Services
..... and so much more!

Some music-player you can control:
- Google Play music
- Samsung Stock music app
- Apollo Music
- Poweramp
- n7player Music Player
- PlayerPro
- Sony Walkman music player
..... and so much more!

Tested with devices:
- Nexus 7 (Android 4.4)
- Samsung S3 (Stock Android 4.3)
- Samsung S3 (CM Android 4.3.1)
- Samsung S3 (CM Android 4.2.2)
- Samsung Note 3 (Stock Android 4.3)
- Huawei Ascent P6 (Stock Android 4.2.1)

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