SquareDroid:Full Photo/No Crop

SquareDroid:Full Photo/No Crop

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SquareDroid:Full Photo/No Crop Reviews


#SquareDroid is a free no crop photo editor app that helps to use full size pictures for WhatsApp, or Facebook, or Instagram (or any other app, actually), without cropping parts of your photos.
_____________________________________________ Have you ever wondered how to set WhatsApp dp without cropping?
Or fix Instagram photo crop? Or upload the Facebook profile picture that is not square?

If so, you're in the right place!

With #SquareDroid you can:
☆ Add blur background to your photo ☆
☆ Post full size wide photos on Instagram ☆
☆ Choose between matching colors, or black, or white, or any color you choose ☆
☆ Upload not square profile picture on Facebook without cropping ☆
☆ Use gradient background ☆
☆ Use No Crop for WhatsApp profile picture ☆
☆ Rotate, scale or fit your photo to a certain format like 4:3 or 21:9 ☆
☆ Join our community by using hastags #SquareDroid and #SquareAndroid when sharing in social networks to get more likes and followers! ☆

Yes, that's right. #SquareDroid helps to post wide photos without cropping anything from your full size images.

All features as blur backgrounds, matching colors and gradient background, multiple formats saving etc. are available for FREE.
By purchasing #PRO version you will ONLY* turn off ads in app and support future app development.
* Additional features MAY be added to the #PRO package in the future.

What people are saying about the #SquareDroid app:
"#SquareDroid is actually a pretty simple app, but it does a wonderful job at what it is supposed to do. All it does is to add a border around the image in order to make it square-shaped."

"#Square may be of use to those Instagram users who prefer not to crop the sides of their images to achieve the square format. The app is touted as being a simple photo editor and based on the time we have spent playing, that seems to be just about as accurate description as possible."

“We recommend this app as best photo editing tool, it’s really time saver for regular users. One of the Best No Crop App for Instagram.”

#SquareDroid key features:
You can choose blur effect strength for no crop borders.

• COLOR MATCHING for photo background
App will analyse your photo and choose four colors that exactly match with photo. If your do not like complimentary colors feature you can always turn if off and use white or black color borders, just like Whitagram or InstaSize app do, to produce full size photos.

• EASY COLOR PICKING in case if you want to find your own unique color
You will be able to post entire photo by adding bars to it, colored as you choose.

Two different colors with smooth transition in the center of image. Gradient rotation is also available.

Other blur border tools like InstaSize or "Square InstaPic — Photo editor" often decrease photo quality even on Hi-End devices, but #SquareDroid lets you to fit wide picture as square size with high resolution.

• JPG and PNG saving formats
Choose between two formats and choose the desired size and quality for JPG image


• DIRECT SHARING from #SquareDroid, without saving photo in Gallery
No need to keep photos on device, if you're uploading them somewhere

Stylish and modern design, following Google guidelines

Yeah, it is for real, free anticrop tool, with high quality and uncropped pictures with the best photo squarer app in Google Play — #SquareDroid!

This photo squarer app was previously named #Square, name was changed to #SquareDroid due to copyright complaint.