Speedtest, 4G-3G-Wifi coverage

Speedtest, 4G-3G-Wifi coverage

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    Check your mobile coverage regardless of your service provider. Optional contribution of your signal data to make the crowd sourced maps even better. Conduct and compare speedtests of your local mobile network with the other subscribers.


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Do you want to know more about your carrier’s coverage map and network quality? Whether you subscribed to AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile or any other carrier across the globe, what can you expect from your plan? As a crowdsourced service, Sensorly gathers anonymous data from all its users willing to share their experience as carriers’ clients, just like you. The aim is simple: provide the greater number with unbiased information on wireless networks performance (signal strength, coverage and speed) worldwide, based on real data, and translate them into coverage maps for all to see.

This free app hands you the key elements to fully understand your carrier’s quality of service from its coverage and speedtest result, making it the adequate companion to your wireless life:

-Check out precise and daily updated coverage and speedtest maps: with more than 300 wireless networks mapped across 50 countries available in the app, checking a carrier’s coverage and performance has never been easier for all 4G/LTE, 3G, CDMA, GSM and Wi-Fi technologies. Plus you can check how others do around you, and see what’s the average download & upload speed in your area for your carrier, all based on coverage and speedtest info coming from users like you.

-Do a Speedtest: as a smartphone user, what is your network speed like? This feature allows you to instantly check your download and upload speed along with your ping time, reproducing your basic mobile activities via a simple speedtest.

-Compare carriers performances: the Sensorly app not only grants you access to the data collected on your carrier, but also to information about carriers available in your area. By using the “compare” feature you will be able to check signal strength and network coverage for all carriers listed and for which we have data.

-Map your neighborhood: use your commuting time to map your close environment with the Map Trip feature, and get more accurate data for the areas you care about. The more you map, the more precise coverage maps are for you!

-Check your activity: along with your speedtest history you can now check the time your phone spent connected to a specific network, both for telephony and mobile. Your day-long mobile experience in a simple graph!

Sensorly is a crowdsourced service: the more you use the app, the more precise and complete the info and coverage maps get.

Join Sensorly, and know what to expect from your carrier!