Smart WiFi Toggler

Smart WiFi Toggler

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Smart WiFi Toggler Reviews

  • Utsav Gupta

    Utsav Gupta

    Reviewed in HOLO UI:Best of Google Play Store

    Smart WiFi Toggler is an application designed to control your phone's WiFi using location based rules.

  • Andreas Dennenmoser

    Andreas Dennenmoser

    Reviewed in Everday Apps

    Save battery by turning off wifi manually? Just let "smart wifi toggler" do the work for you!

  • Michael Remy

    Michael Remy

    Reviewed in Best Android Apps

    Save the location of you wifi and activated it or disactived it in function of your localisation

  • Feroz Fero

    Feroz Fero

    Reviewed in Apps That Deserve Top Spot

    Ok this is in my opinion THE BEST wifi toggler. This is no ordinary toggler. Because it doesnt toggle with GPS so no battery lose. The app first decides the locations your wifi hotspots based on network. Then toggles on whenever you reenter. Genius.

  • najodleglejszy


    Reviewed in Apps that make your life easier

    it learns your WiFi habits and turns it on or off when you're in range of a router you connect frequently too. uses cell data for determining your localization, so it's a battery friendly solution.

  • TJ


    Reviewed in Apps You Can Rely On

    I had a handful of AutomateIt rules to govern WiFi usage and connections to save my battery, rather than leave WiFi on at all times. This app made them unnecessary. Uses location to dynamically enable/disable WiFi based on known networks.


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Smart WiFi Toggler is an application designed to control your phone's WiFi using location based rules. Its aim is to conserve battery and minimize data charges by turning WiFi off when not connected to a network, and turning it on when a known hotspot is present. It constantly learns where your hotspots are located to make its decisions.
It's a very useful application if you frequently forget to turn WiFi off when leaving a hotspot, or if you want to automatically switch from mobile data to WiFi to conserve battery whenever you're back into a hotspot. Here are some of cool features Smart WiFi Toggler has to offer:
- Automatically learns your WiFi hotspot locations.
- Turns WiFi off when disconnected from WiFi network.
- Automatically turns WiFi on when near a known hotspot.
- Uses your network location. No GPS battery drain.
- Provides the ability to control "auto-connect" behavior for each hotspot.
- Ability to lock WiFi to a disabled state.
- Warning notification and auto-locking WiFi when a hotspot is down.
- WiFi Hopper: Jump from a weak hot spot to a strong one.
- Toggle network mode on CM based ROMs.
- History, logging, and a troubleshooting screen in case you face any problems.

There is an extensive help section with the app, so be sure to check it out if you have any questions.

Hope you enjoy using Smart WiFi Toggler as much as I enjoyed building it!

Please read the below notes
Note 1: This app requires "mobile network location" access to be enabled on your device.
Note 2: Persistent mode shows a notification icon. If you don't want the icon, disable persistent mode.
Note 3: On some devices WiFi Sleep Policy causes incorrect behavior. Please set this to always keep WiFi on. To do that, go to Android Settings --\ WiFi --\ Advanced (menu).

- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: To determine your network location.
- ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: To check WiFi state.
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: To check the network state.
- CHANGE_WIFI_STATE: For toggling WiFi.
- WAKE_LOCK: For waking the device up in scheduled mode.
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: To run on start-up.
- LISTEN_SIGNAL_STRENGTHS: To determine the cell signal strength.
- INTERNET: To receive ads. Yes, this app has ads!
- CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE: To toggle the data connection.
- READ_PHONE_STATE: To detect if there's a call in progress.
- CHANGE_NETWORK_MODE: Valid for CM ROMs only.

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