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(Any problem, please contact, so that we can get enough info to solve it. Thanks!) This is a comprehensive and powerful tool to manage your varity apps, with a simple UI to organize most functions in a single page, user can solve most app problem easily without switching from page to page as other app does.

This app includes Risk indication, app Autorun Control(ROOT), App Firewall (ROOT), Task Killer, Move app 2 SD card(Android 2.2 or later), Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card, and etc. And in expert mode, you can filter and sort packages by many useful ways. Also it can call root function automatically to get better performance if your device is rooted.

Try this to check your apps, you may find something you do not know before! :-)


Show app information
show app file size, RAM usage, network traffic, CPU usage (ROOT), package name, app size, app date;
show which app can call outgoing, or can send out SMS, or can use camera, or can find your location, can access internet, can autorun in background;
show which app is blocked/unblocked, is autorun settings modified, is system app, is installed on sdcard, has backup, and etc;

Task manager (or called Taskiller)
Task kill function is used to end applications, freeup memory (RAM), stop traffic/battery consuming from unnecessary apps to improve performance of device. Support one key RAM optimize, kill by selection, and Force Kill (need ROOT);

Autorun manager (or called Autorun killer, AutoStart manager, ROOT)
Autorun management function, with which user can view which app can autostart (startup automatically in background without user interactive), rooted user can enable/disable app to run with certain conditions.

AppOps manager (permission manager, ROOT)
Autorun management function, with which user can view which app can autostart (startup automatically in background without user interactive), rooted user can enable/disable app to run with certain conditions.

Block/Unblock manager (or called App Freezer)
Block unblock function is used to block app to run and hide app from launcher (desktop) app list. It is a good way to handle app which is seldom used or user want to hide it from others;

App Firewall (ROOT)
Android firewall function is based on linux system firewall. With a simplify UI interface, allow user to enable/disable certain app to access 2G/3G or Wifi, and it support batch config mode;

Move/batch move apps from phone to SD card or from SD card to phone (Android 2.2 or later, some Android4.x ROM has disabled such function, so the app2sd function may not work in such case!),

Uninstall App
User can uninstall (remove app), batch uninstall apps (ROOT) easily. And user can even uninstall system/bloatware app (ROOT) in expert mode;

View application details
Can view app system details info (user can "Force Stop", "Uninstall", "Clear Cache" in that page);

Clear app cache,
Clear all app cache with simple click "Cear Cache" menu;

View app on market,
View app on market to see is there any update or rate app;

Sort apps by multi ways,
Can sort app by app name, app size, RAM usage, CPU usgae, network traffic, package name, system relative, install time, app permission risk, etc;

Filter apps by multi ways (in Expert Mode),
Filter apps by running status, installed locations, permissions, config status, custom filter, etc.

Other features,
Can search app name/package name, set app default install location, save/restore app config settings, view operation log, sync settings with Gemini Taskiller Widget, call Gemini Installer to install backup/download apk files on sdcard by "Tap Here" button;

Very small app size
This app is only about 1M bytes, with integrated so many functions. :-)

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