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TTPod Reviews

  • Mtc Sameer

    Mtc Sameer

    Reviewed in music N video

    最爱之選,my 飛弗。

  • Sandra Leal

    Sandra Leal

    Reviewed in Entertainment

    This is a nice music player with a lot of skins to choose from, it will search for lyrics, album covers and will recommend music

  • Giole Bayron

    Giole Bayron

    Reviewed in Random Android Apps

    One of the best music players, supports .flac and has beautiful design.

  • M.Wilson


    Reviewed in Replace your default apps

    Many people never heard of that one.. TTPOD is a music player that makes listening to music prettier! .. With lyrics support and auto artist pic update and smart equalizer and tons of themes.. You may find yourself stuck with this one

  • Unt Ko

    Unt Ko

    Reviewed in collection of best apps

    awesome music player. can replace the stock one. It includes lyrics searching, grabbing pictures... and other online services. like top 10 billboard, itune store, etc.


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TTPod is one of the most successful and popular music players for Android with more than 10 million downloads worldwide. What’s the TTPod powerful features:
- High quality decoding with mp3,mp4/m4a,wma,flac and ape;
- Built in graphic and customize EQ;
- High accurate lyrics and album acts downloads;
- Plenty of skins to chose from;
- Minilyrics style floating lyrics.

We're working to make a best music player for users of TTPOD, and we can do it better with your suggestions and opinions.
So if you have any questions or good advices,please feel free to contact us by sending email to

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